Lg RHT387H Unwanted subtitles!

Thread: Lg RHT387H Unwanted subtitles!

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    grahamsutherland said:

    Help Lg RHT387H Unwanted subtitles!

    Can anyone tell me why, when recording to hdd on my LG , the subtitles are always on?
    Cant seem to find any way of switching off or changing set up to combat.
    Hope someone can put me out of my misery.
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    pele66 said:

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    hi m8 sorry to jump on ur post but i am have the very same trouble did u sort it lmk cheers
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    sadsack said:

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    No chaps, it's actually the way the unit works, you see the idea is that it records subs in case when you or someone else wishes to watch at a later date, they can switch on the recorded subs if required.
    I know it's bloody stupid, but it's just the way LG's work.
    When you play a recording back you have the option of turning on or off the subs.

    Sorry if thats bad news, maybe in a firmware update they may just rectify this error. although I wouldn't hold your breath to long, as LG seem to take ages to bring out new firmwares, even if at all.



    P.S. This info came directly from LG themselves, cos I also complained about having a Blueray player sitting next to my LG recorder, and if they are both switched on, either remote will control both units both at the same time, so eject will literally eject both units both at the same time, and you have no way of being able to change the frequency of either unit,
    So guess what LG's answer was, yep you guessed it, only turn one of them on when you need it.
    So when you have finished watching a recording on one unit, get off ya ass turn it off fully (Not Standby), turn on the other unit ect ect ect.
    LG obvioulsy thought no one would purchase more than one of there units together.