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    Info Cocaine Cowboys

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    is being turned into this

    "HBO has ponied up for "Cocaine Cowboys," a drama about the 1980s drug trade in Miami.

    Prolific producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director Michael Bay brought the project, based on a documentary by Billy Corben, to the cable channel and will executive produce. Meredith Stiehm, creator of the Bruckheimer-produced "Cold Case," will write a pilot script, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    "Cocaine Cowboys" will be set in Miami in the early '80s, when an influx of cocaine from Colombia turned the city into a mecca for drug traffickers and helped burnish Miami's image as a hedonistic playground. The documentary's producers are working with Bruckheimer's team on the project.

    The show is the first for Bruckheimer at HBO. His other series -- which include the "CSI" franchise and "Without a Trace" -- have all aired on broadcast networks. He does have a pilot in development at TNT.

    It's also part of a wave of development at HBO. The cable channel, which is in the midst of refreshing its original-series lineup, has picked up three new comedy series in the past week and has a half-dozen other pilots under consideration. "

    The documentary is brilliant and worth grabbing if you havent seen it !

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    2nd that, worth a watch if that type of stuff peeks your interest
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    awesome documentary, seen it 3 times

    its quite long though
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    great documentary.. well worth watching IMO
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    i heard about this. definately an effort to replace the HBO's now thinning line up.

    i believe steve buscemi is set to play a main role.

    sounds good.