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    rids said:

    Question Got bored (rock band)

    i got bored and used up some leds i got for xmass what do you fink ?

    my partner says i shuld sell it but do you think any one whould buy some thing just cuz i put a few lights in it ?

    it looks better in person so hard to take pic with the lights
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    normanji said:

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    looks good. stick it on ebay see what you get offered.
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    MsDG said:

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    Yes... i know exactly where you are coming from. Every year I always get stuck, not knowing what to do with those many left over blue LED's that I get given for xmas presents! (honestly I could kill Grandma Smith with her damn RS component stocking fillers!)

    Personally, I was gonna drill holes in my car washer jet thingies on the bonnet and mount my "xmas Led's" in there.... and i was gonna call them "wanker lights" but MrDG tells me that someone has already done this?

    However this seems a great alternative!