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    Whine Video Host?

    Alright All,

    Got a slide show video pictures and music to upload so i can share with the family (in Memory of my cousin that died)

    the video was made and played at the wake but some people want copies so they can add to bebo/ facebook etc but had nothing but trouble trying to sort this out

    quick file info
    48 MB
    12:41 mins

    Youtube - rejected got to be less than 10Mins. (Cant really cut 3 mins off)
    Google Video - These videos have been marked as possibly containing unauthorized material
    photobucket will not get by 60%
    flickr - File was too large - the limit is 5MB

    any more recommendations on were to host this video?
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    You could try putfile mate, I've used them before, says you can ul 200 meg wmv:

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