Ok peeps this is a little bit of fun, regardless of the news story. In similar fashion to clive james and other comedy shows i want you to pick a news item picture from the worlds media, link to it here and then add your own subtitles underneath.
So you will be making up your own story for example ill go first

this picture is from bbc news website today:

and my caption would be:

"Local gypsy woman sets up the first gypsy supermarket in leeds, council bosses have said they will remove the woman as building applications were not applied for in the proper manner and all shelving must conform to bs987398 standards."

And finally:

Howard and roberta pickleton are the worlds oldest conjoined twins, here they celebrate their 50th birthday. Howard was quoted as saying" we have had our ups and downs and we have faced them together, we have had arguments but when roberta tells me to go fuck myself it ends up being quite fun".

go on you get the idea, just a bit of fun.