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    Help XBOX 360 mod questions

    Thinking about getting my xbox modded any suggestions as to where to get it done i live in london. Also wondering if youif there is a XBMC on this aswell like the one on the old xbox. Can you still go on xbox live or is there an alternative? And also how to cool down the machine aswell..

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    To cool it down all you can do is make some airholes/put in a ventilated area/add fans.

    As for flashing check out ebay or do it yourself, the kit isn't that expensive and it is easy to do once you do it once so you can then update your drive when there is new FW out.

    You can still go on Live but it is a risk, latest FW paired with stealth patched games and you should be ok for a while at least.

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    If you leave the 360 in an open space with plenty of air around it and not sitting on a carpet you shouldn't really have any overheating issuse

    Also sent you a pm