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    The most important 2 things to think about this film is:

    1) it is based on a true story which gives it that bit extra

    2) if it was possible to use math logic to win then other would do it all the time

    Other than that the film was quite good. Spacey was his normal passionate self (he co produced it) and the rest were ok. Im not sure if Laurence Fishburn was right for his role but he is getting on in years (and has the gut to prove it!)... worth a watch if you have a couple of hours to spare but dont make a special effort
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    I tried to like this; but found it incredibly dull.

    The fact that it's based on real events made it more appealing, but it just never seemed to kick off and go anywhere.
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    Well written and directed.

    The only thing that let it down was the predictable ending, which I saw coming about half way through.

    Other than that, highly enjoyable.