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    i called to a local shop yesterday to buy some batteries for my dab radio as it seems to eat them when used .

    i called at one shop only to be offerd some crappy panasonic aa batteries that stated for low power applications only so decided to go to another shop about a mile away

    i went in and asked if they sold batteries and the shopkeeper said yes of course ill just go in the back and get some .

    he then returned to the shop with a box of duracells which i could quite easily see was marked
    "buy 4 get 4 free "
    i could even see the blister packs inside with the 8 batteries for the price of 4 offer printed on them great i thought what a bargain
    the shopkeeper placed the box on the counter took one look at it and then quickly placed it under the counter out of site .
    "how many do you want " he asked
    "ill take a pack please thanks " i said
    "sorry mate we only sell them in singles " he replied
    so naturally i questioned this and pointed out i wanted a pack and also stated i have seen the box with them in the packs with the buy 4 get 4 free offer .
    "sorry we dont have any packs just singles" he replied
    he then refused my request to show me a pack and once again clamed he only had and sold single batteries at 1.25 each .
    i once again stated to him i had seen the box and the packs inside and just wanted to buy a pack not seperate items .
    he then became quite cocky and told me if i didnt want to buy them seperate i couldnt have any at all
    at which point i told him he was a ripping cunt and to stick the batteries up his arse in singles ..

    this twatbag really pissed me off
    the batteries were quite clearly on offer from the duracell and he wasnt willing to pass on the packs .

    now i know some of you will say its his right to sell them how he likes but to me hes just taking the piss .

    hes just trying his best to rip people off with no other motivation but greed the cunt
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    :Should have asked him for 3 baked beans cos you dont think you can manage the whole tin
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    only thing u might ahve on him m8 is does it say on the pack. not to be sold as loose multi pack only... other than that ur screwed m8... btw with the credit crunch coming he might not be here this time next year.
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    His loss tbh, you cant be pissing your customers off during a recession