Hi all I have just got a Digihome box It did not cost me anything as my old Thomson box went pop 2 days before Chrimbo.... Tough break kids I said we will have to make do and watch the five terestrial channels NOOOOOooooooooo was the resounding cry... I bought the Thomson from Tesco as a christmas pressie last year so it was only just under a year old so I packed it up in the box and went to tesco at 21:00 Christmas Eve, Eve and took one hyperactive 10 year old and told him to make as much noise as he could fueled up with lots of E numbers and cola (for sympathy of course) I got to the counter and put on the most unhappiest face I could. I explained my predicament to the young spotty saleman and he looked blankly at me, then the 10 watt bulb flickered and he said in a Simpson style sqeaky voice I'll get technical help, Any ho along came the techy and he said 'we can't give you a refund when did you buy it'. I told him and. he then said we could exchange it however they do not make that particular model anymore and the one they had in the store was a better model than the one I had mine was top of the range last year!!! All the time my 10 year old was runnig amok. So I bitterly said that if I had to pay any more I would do, even though it was Christmas the season of good will an all that (Bah humbug) big corporate company taking advantage of a little fish in a time of great need and would he like to adopt a 10 year old? It worked he got his tesco tape out stuck it to the box and said just take it through the counters and don't stop courtesy of Tesco.

Any way may question is..... is the USB on the front of my new box courtesy of Tesco of any use? or is it a redundant port for use by the engineer?

Hope you like the tale. I may have embelished on the truth a little but the result was the same, Good old Tesco's.