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    Attention Photo Section RULES

    By posting in the 'Your Photos & Artwork' forum you agree to these rules:

    • All unclothed models must be over 18
    • Comments should be related to the photography at hand. This means technique and execution (lighting, composition, etc.)
    • No personal comments about models or photographers. Discussion about models should be limited to skills involved such as posing, makeup, expression, etc
    • No sexual remarks, No juvenile remarks
    • Discussion is encouraged and preferred over one-line comments
    • Before posting photos, permission should be requested and granted from any subjects featured (or their parent/guardian if the subject is a child). Any person/s wishing to have a photograph removed due to not giving permission should contact a mod/smod/admin and it will be removed

    Failure to abide by the above RULES may lead to exclusion from the 'Your Photos & Artwork' forum and in certain cases could result in a total ban from Digital Forums.
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