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    The first gameplay footage of the Modern Warfare 2 has been aired by TNT. This video will surely leave gamers wanting more and more but it includes quite enough of tidbits to keep gamers mind busy for days. The following few things can be seen in the video footage of the game:

    About the vehicles - The extent of the involvement of vehicles remains to be seen but it does show a first-person view on a snowmobile.

    The Gunship Returns - AC-130 gunship looks to be making another cameo.

    Hand-to-Hand Combat – If we follow the footage closely, we will come across one scene on a snowy airfield showing a character being hip-tossed and thrown to the ground.

    Swimming - The footage video of the game gives the hint of the ability to swim, at least in one mission that makes us think getting from Point-A to Point-B might not be as linear as CoD: MW.

    Check the video below and do comment if you see something else that has been overlooked here. The second gameplay trailer of MW2 will be aired on May 24th during the Eastern Conference Finals.
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    looking awsum
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    added new video download link in OP