Who is the fittest Divas

Thread: Who is the fittest Divas

  1. bean_2k1's Avatar

    bean_2k1 said:

    Default Who is the fittest Divas

    Just want to know who you guys think is the fittest WWF Diva

    Trish MMMmmmm
  2. gunner's Avatar

    gunner said:


    Torrie Wilson without a doubt!!

    Then Lita.
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    Lita, Tori, Stacy, Molly! Ill take the girls in that order, all at once, i dont mind
  4. bobbydavro's Avatar

    bobbydavro said:


    Tori then

    Stacy & Trish
  5. sparkster's Avatar

    sparkster said:


    lita is one fit babe,,, but wick3d's option sounds great

  6. chrisbutt's Avatar

    chrisbutt said:


    Stacy just coz she shows the thong at any given moment

    or If you saw Raw tonight youl'd be sayin SMH damm!
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    yeah, steph and debra, damn, if they were to sneeze, they would pop out! (you know what i mean).

    Stephs chest gets bigger n bigger, lol. Wouldnt say no if she appeared in my room
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    when you see pictures like the one below, OMG, who cares about lita!

    Trish, take it baby! u so fine!

  9. chrisbutt's Avatar

    chrisbutt said:


    dude did you see that thing y2j did with the before and after shots of Steph's recently acuired assets.

    medical intervention? I tell you something she aint the first!
  10. spade2001's Avatar

    spade2001 said:


    well i would give trish and steph a good seeing 2 ...
    n e time, n e where!

    (i'm horney again)
  11. Cam's Avatar

    Cam said:


    fu(k it fu(k um all

    WWF v WCW
    OK if you like big men in tight spandex then this forum is for you


    sry thats the last time im gonna be in here

    (17:18:34) (+Cam) i need to mount my xbox hdd in linux
    (17:19:02) (+SpikeWork) youth of today, they'll mount anything
  12. chernobyl's Avatar

    chernobyl said:


    It has to go to Miss Hannock.
    on a more serious note, women are treated like $hit in the WWF.
    WWF is really getting lame.
  13. Tattooed Freak's Avatar

    Tattooed Freak said:

    Default All of them...

    Show me the puppies!!!!!!!!

    Lita...fine specemin(?) we could compare tattoo's while doing the do.

    Minus Jazz she is a bit minging and has a foul mouth
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    Personally I like dirty bitches who arent ashamed to do anything.

    How can you say no to this...

  15. PimpMasterT's Avatar

    PimpMasterT said:

    Default TRISH!

    Trish by far (she's also part GREEK! )!
  16. Loony Toon's Avatar

    Loony Toon said:

    Default fittest diva

    lita is the best and sexy diva in the wwf 2day
    pure sexy babe .... trish is alllreet 2
  17. Penatrator's Avatar

    Penatrator said:


    it would ave 2 be trish,stacy,steph,lita

    they are sexy!

    dun u just luv it wen steph goes all moody!!!
  18. irunwith's Avatar

    irunwith said:

    Deffo Torrie Wilson

    Then Lita, Steph (shame about her voice tho), Trish...hehe then the rest in any order


  19. Mookie's Avatar

    Mookie said:


    It has to be Lita for me!

    I have a thing for fiery red heads and I like the way she mainly covers up but you get a gradual look of her thong the more she does her stuff!

    Leaves more to my imagination which is truly wicked!
  20. Mookie's Avatar

    Mookie said:


    Should have known by Raptor's Avatar that he'd vote for another dumb blonde!