Sensible World of Soccer or Kick Off 2?

Thread: Sensible World of Soccer or Kick Off 2?

  1. WTD's Avatar

    WTD said:

    Default Sensible World of Soccer or Kick Off 2?

    Just a thought... I loved Kick Off and couldn't stand SWOS
  2. 2die4's Avatar

    2die4 said:


    Kick Off 2 was damn good but for me Sensi soccer just beats it ! I loved the SNES conversion of it.
  3. Chrisyboy's Avatar

    Chrisyboy said:


    Kick Off was the king until Sensi came along
  4. Violator's Avatar

    Violator said:


    Sensi Soccer any day (not so keen on SWOS TBH). Never really liked Kick Off.

    Ahhh takes me back
  5. doughboy's Avatar

    doughboy said:


    Yep, sensi on the old A500.

    Perfect post pub gaming.
  6. sparkster's Avatar

    sparkster said:


    Had to be kick off for me..

  7. Sarge69's Avatar

    Sarge69 said:


    You must be jokin for even comparing these two against each other...
    Sensible Soccer was awesome and Kickoff was just boring...
    We had some serious cup matches while gettin drunk and ready to go out to the pub... anything that comes even close with sensible soccer is cannon fodder... made by the same team if i dont remember wrong...
    They even had finnish teams in it, lol...

    "FC HJK rulez..."
  8. Robbie Vox's Avatar

    Robbie Vox said:


    Tough one, should be ko2 vs Sensible soccer, swos was the last version and was about 2 years newer.
    ko2 + blood money + xenon2 "Megablast" made me buy an amiga all those years ago.
    Smashed my first joystick up on sensi b4 I learned how to score.
    Trouble is, Dino Dini was/is a genius, I hope you are rich still now !! Just gest my vote
  9. beansontoast's Avatar

    beansontoast said:


    I would have guessed WTD meant kick off 2 in the 1st place. I thought they were both class but I preferred swos because the screen showed slightly more of the pitch (supose that made it a bit easier?). I remember the name of the kick off bloke - Dino Dini (I think). Anyone know what he has done lately? Or in the last 10 years?
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  10. Sarge69's Avatar

    Sarge69 said:

    ? ? ?

    Absolutely no idea on that one, mate... I've been wondering what the hell happened to Jeff Minter... he had them most strange and funny games out on the C-64 like the revenge of the mutant camels... what ever happened to him..?

    "do they just crawl under some odd stone and die..."
  11. REDALERT's Avatar

    REDALERT said:


    Sensible soccer all the way
  12. torf's Avatar

    torf said:


    Can't wait for the re-release of sensi this year Love it!
  13. crazyadi's Avatar

    crazyadi said:

    Default sensi

    has to be sensi..actually FIFA2002 v's SWOS,
    SWOS wins hands down for gameplay and controllability there hasnt been a game to match it!!! i STILL play it!!!!! the players do what you want them to do, the balls goes where you send it etc etc not like footy games now im buggered if i can get ISS players to pass the bloody ball to my teammates feet!!!!

  14. delmorpha's Avatar

    delmorpha said:


    SWOS was the king of footy games on the amiga...still is the only decent footy game to combine great gameplay with a decent season system transfers and all.... bought it on the PC a while back and still play it every now and then... not a shade playing it on an amiga with my very own custom built joystick! One button action....bring it back!!
  15. crazyadi's Avatar

    crazyadi said:


    torf says they are rereleasing it, is that true and for what format?

  16. xdam's Avatar

    xdam said:


    SWOS was BRILLIANT i only ever played 2 games on my amiga that was one of them, the other was premier manager
  17. Soundtrader's Avatar

    Soundtrader said:


    Why is it that all the big chief software execs just dont really know what the people want hey?

    We want the SWOS transfer system and career mode intergrated into Pro Evolution soccer and see EA Sports fold because FIFA only sells half a dozen copies.

    Just imagine that game....
  18. crazyadi's Avatar

    crazyadi said:


    cause they dont care to please us!! your idea sounds the best!!
    oh i love sensi!!!
  19. gunner's Avatar

    gunner said:


    SWOS - No Doubt...
    Liverpool FC - Pride of Merseyside
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  20. sheepy's Avatar

    sheepy said:

    Default kick off

    Has to be kick off, a football game that relied less on flashy graphics and sound but was really playable, and easy to control unlike others.
    Jeff minter is still around
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