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  1. 4me2's Avatar

    4me2 said:

    Default funcard or silvercard

    ok all you 5in1 users what card do you prefer.
    I have both but my prerence is for the fun card as I find it easier
    to programm.
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  2. Panda's Avatar

    Panda said:


    I find the DS9 files work better for me. Can't often get good results with the funcard (not tried too hard though it has to be said).
  3. adrian64's Avatar

    adrian64 said:


    I prefer Funcards II, III, IV

    DaveM is always moding great hexes.

    4me2 is correct Funcards are easy to edit and Programme.

    All the Authors for Funcards, Parisino, Gribley, Loginator, Matt etc all write freat hexes with nice touches also.


  4. knee doc's Avatar

    knee doc said:


    Silvercard for DS9 for me, there is a prob with some aspects of the funcard that you don't get with the DS9, i can't say that its difficult to programme either.

    knee doc
  5. the_wizzard's Avatar

    the_wizzard said:


    silver works fine for me when it dont ill move

  6. magicday's Avatar

    magicday said:


    Has to be funcards all the time. Ive been using them for a number of years now starting with a batch I purchased from TSB 5 or 6 years ago. Different then though, they all had pretty lights.
  7. Mr Olympia's Avatar

    Mr Olympia said:


    Silver for me. Never had a problem with the DS9 5in1.
  8. Fiddla's Avatar

    Fiddla said:


    Ive used/got both and cant really see much difference really !!!!

  9. bryan's Avatar

    bryan said:


    I use both of them ...Fun and Silver. Can's see any difference....
  10. tell1000's Avatar

    tell1000 said:


    use both can't see any difference both work great
    both easy to programme.
  11. corf's Avatar

    corf said:


    There's very little to seperate them, although I just prefer funcards for easy of use.

    The arrival of mp8 and multiprog has made them so much easier to program with an elvis. No messing about with dos mode etc

  12. lostone's Avatar

    lostone said:


    both work ok for me no real problems with ether
  13. stut's Avatar

    stut said:


    funcards have the edge, but only just IMHO

  14. DaveM's Avatar

    DaveM said:


    Needless to say, I voted for Funcards (thanks for the plug, Adrian m8 )

    The original attraction for me was that I could make my own programmer from bits from an old analogue vcrypt decoder and a 2 quid plug from Maplin's - and it's still working!
  15. dig deep's Avatar

    dig deep said:


    Funcard is the future
    Lots of memory, easy to work with and very nice diods telling You what´s up doc.

    But anything that works is fine for me.
  16. wizer's Avatar

    wizer said:


    can sum1 pm me links for how to create a funcard card

    cheers ;o)
  17. bigstelious's Avatar

    bigstelious said:

    Default ds9 v fun ?

    ive no problems programming either but using an allcam i think the channels decode quicker with the purple fun card,i find MP8 most simple for fun cards,dos J for ds9.
  18. knee doc's Avatar

    knee doc said:


    Hey bigstelious Picbined is a damn site easier to use for ds9 than arsing about in dos mode.
  19. bigstelious's Avatar

    bigstelious said:

    Default re dos

    i like using dos for all cards bar fun,as long as all windows are closed works a treat....1 window open though and overrun occours..
  20. Fiddla's Avatar

    Fiddla said:


    Sometimes i think funcards clkear channels quicker than ds9 , mite just be my imageination tho !!!