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    Mookie said:

    ADR Patcher 0.4 Update

    Some of you may or may not be aware of my work with this particular tool.

    I used to update it from time to time on the EA site.

    What does it do?

    1) It fixes the EA media check when backing up your originally owned games.

    2) PAL -> NTSC Video Mode Fix Test Routine (no Y position) - if you live in USA or Japan and you've imported a game from Europe then you'll probably find you need to convert your game to NTSC video mode to be displayed correctly on your TV.

    If you feel the tool would be handy for your needs, head on over to [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] for the latest download.

    More information on the tool can be found at the Adrenalin Forums.

    The GENERIC routine has recently been reported to work on Triple Play Baseball 2002 and Sled Storm.
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    biggy7 said:


    ADR patcher rox! nice one mookie mate
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    Mookie said:


    Glad you like it Biggy!

    Over the last 8 months we've worked hard on improving the actual ADR Patcher program as well as adding new routines.

    It is nice to get a thanks once in a while for our efforts as the util is free!

    My favourite comment on the ADR Patcher so far is by Yorobbo

    its the dogs nob m8
    That comment always makes me laugh!
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    Madeba said:


    Is there one for NTSC --> PAL ?
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    Mookie said:


    Sorry m8, I've never had time to look at NTSC 2 PAL mode and as most people in Europe can use SCART leads and TVs to play NTSC it seemed more of a priority to look at a PAL 2 NTSC for people in USA / Japan to play European releases.

    Paradox seem to do a lot of NTSC 2 PAL patches including Y position, perhaps you should just look at the regular patch sites for such things.

    I don't like PAL myself, seems too slow etc. so I'm in no hurry to patch such things.
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    waddpsw said:


    Hi Mookie,

    Just wanted to add my thanks too. Ive used ADR patcher for at least 6 months or more and it works without fail everytime.

    I use the generic hex patch and it is great.

    Thanks again for making that process so simple


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    crei said:


    Nice App! keep Going!
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    charlievarley said:


    Thx for the info bro
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    Mookie said:


    Tested on Tekken 4 using Generic routine... 4 patch locations and works a treat!

    PDX patch works the same way as my Generic routine except they forgot the EDC codes in their ppf so may not work when burnt out with writers that don't support EDC Regen on the fly!

    I have done a new ppf for the release too, it includes EDC regen code.

    However, Kalisto have gone one better, you'll see!
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    scu316 said:


    awesome tool, thanks!
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    mummikub said:


    thanx for the app m8
    have used it for nearly 12 months now
    keep up the good work
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    blobbyrob said:


    Great stuff Mookie. Used it for the first time today on NBA Street & works a treat. Also signed up to your forums, wicked!!!!!
  13. Mookie's Avatar

    Mookie said:


    Nice to see someone famous use the Patcher!

    I'd ask for an autograph for my niece but with those big fat fingers I guess you'd have trouble holding the pen!
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    blobbyrob said:
    No problem Mookie I just use one of the Mrs Bingo markers. You wanna see the mess I make with a pint in me hand
    blobby blobby blobby
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    gmc007 said:


    thanks mookie just used this to patch rally championship worked first time no probs
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    qortizone said:

    Default Doesn't work for Tiger 2K2 Kalisto release

    Anyone have a working patch ?
  17. Mookie's Avatar

    Mookie said:


    The Tiger Woods 2k2 Kal rip was shite anyway, it should have been nuked! I tested it and the sound with the bleeping was annoying and that game booted fine without an EA fix for me and other ADR members on test.

    If I was u I'd go for the full version on DVD it is a superb game and well worth it's 40 price tag, me and the other ADR members have had many a good night playing tournaments on that game... except for when Stargate beats us that is....
  18. kingdong's Avatar

    kingdong said:


    must agree great game worth its price

  19. john marshall's Avatar

    john marshall said:
    dose any one have the new adr patcher i need it for down force
  20. Mookie's Avatar

    Mookie said:


    There are no more updates to the Patch.Data file

    If you want a fix for that go get Kalisto's EA ppf patch, you can find it at [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]