where did your nick name come from?

Thread: where did your nick name come from?

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    xdam said:

    Default where did your nick name come from?

    ok, so i saw this thread on modshack, but i thought it was a good thread so i'm going to ask you guys, how did you come accross your online nickname (handle)?

    i'll got first, when i first come online i was stuck for a nickname for irc (wasn't everyone?) so I had names running through my head, i thought i want something to do with my name AND MY NAME IS NOT ADAM AS I KEEP GETTING CALLED!

    i was watching wrestling, used to be into it not so long ago (year or two back) and X-PAC was on i was thinking that's quite a cool name, so i altered it around and stuck my initial in DM and came up with X-DaM i used that for a couple of years then i couldnt be bothered to type that everytime so i just stick xdam in now.

    and that's about it, what about you guys?
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    Robbie Vox said:


    From the mid/early 80's, there was a program called "Big Deal" to do with this guy who was into gambling. My eldest sister (8 years older) decided to nickname Robbie Vox - the main character from this show and it has stuck.
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    Violator said:


    From my favourite bands best (IMO) album. Been using it about 12 years since back when I used to distribute Amiga stuff
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    cronus71 said:


    Must have been end of '96 or early '97?, when I decided to open up a Hotmail account. I wanted to use my own name in the account, but it was already taken! Tried to fiddle around with different letter combos and they all seemed to have been reserved.
    So I decided to go for something else, I decided to use eitheir one of these two, Cronus or Ghoti (they say the word ghoti was invented by Bernard Shaw, as he played around with the english spelling, "gh" as in "cough", "o" as in "women", "ti" as in "nation", and you end up with "Fish" so Ghoti=Fish.
    As back then I was a bit younger I went for Cronus, who was one of the Greek Gods, he was the father of the Olympians e.g. Zeus.
    To my disappointment, Cronus was taken as well!!!, so I just thought "**** it" and threw '71 at the end, the year I was born, worked and I've used it ever since.

    Should have taken Ghoti, as I like it more now...
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    monsta said:


    i always used to go under the name of beardo (as in peter beardsley), but when i first came to d-f i was lookin at stuff which is since gone (though partially back) so i picked another name to remain little less trackable. i had a picture of the creature from the black lagoon pinball table on me desktop and thought creature sounded a bit naff, so picked monsta, kinda used to it now and use it elsewhere as well.
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    webslinger2k said:


    well like ADAM ooos xdam i was stuck for a nick for an email account, and as i was gonna be using it for special stuff, i didnt want my real name to be associated in anyway....so i thought i would call myself Dark Knight (batman) BUT there was already i came accross after, so i quickly went back to the drawing board........now i was really into having a super hero name, so i started thinking along the lines of spiderman as he is my fav........now who is spoderman? he is the webslinger, and i want my nick for use on the web, so i thought the name webslinger is a right good name, and stuck with it ever since.....

    the 2k bit is because, some f00ker had already registerd webslinger on some old board i used to use so i had to think of something else.......but i liked webslinger, so it was an "add-on" i swas looking at........well the y2k hysteria had just started, and i thought GREAT i will shove 2k on the end........



    boring really.......
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    Nookie_Bear said:


    I have a very slight squint in my eyes, one night while watching a nostalgia program, Nookie Bear came on, he had squinty eyes, so my flat mates called me nookie ever since.

    I've also been known as

    Big Cheif Messianus ... but for very different reasons.
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    eminem said:


    i just didn't know wat to reg as, so as i was listenin to an eminem track @ time i just used dat. I know its lame but im stuck wid it.

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    ABCMan said:


    Too complex, used this nick for 20 years now, cant say where it came from though as it would give just a little too much away

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    scoobypatch said:


    my username is named after my mother's 2 dogs, scooby and patch.

    did'nt take a long time in thinking of that 1.

    but it's unique and not a freak.
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    Skeetee said:


    Got my name cos people used to think I was a Skitzo ...... in other words there was something wrong with me in that I would talk a lot of crap all of a sudden, then the big cat jumped on the table and I got my blue hat on the wall with a bit of salt. But why did it go hot and sticky, I think it's about time, don't you do that mostly with your hands, but in the old days we used to sit and then she slapped me!!!!!
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    Cam said:


    errr guess where my came from???

    and the 1 i use in games irc the hub SonX came from SonIx which were the ppl who produced star treck insturtion i think they prodused it but on barrysworld SonIx was staken so i took the i out and became SonX


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    buttheaduk said:


    I got my nick from 'beavis & butthead' you probally knew that already though! I've been using this ID for abour 4 years now :]
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    Pyro Steve said:


    Well Steve is me name and the pyro bit is cus im pretty much a pyromaniac, at the age of 12 I was "in trouble" with the police as I was making fireworks and selling them at school ...um did loadsa rocketry and pyro stuff all me life so far...lol I was the youngest person in the UK to hold an aquire and keep explosive certificate...
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    hxbro said:


    Back in 92 when I was abusing my brothers uni account, I was logging onto a talker (similar to irc but better ;-) My brothers nick was HxPro (we come from halifax, Hx is the postcode for Halifax - god knows where the pro bit came from ;-). Someone on that talker started calling me HxBro, so thats where it came from.

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    wizer said:


    When I was at school I did a lot of DJ'ing and just randomly picked the name DJ Wize. I had my own 'tag' for er Graffiting my maths book (it wasn't much use for anything else). When I left school and got into computers I needed an IRC nick. I decided to just use DJ^WIZE. After a year or so the people I hung out with on IRC had shortned it to WiZeR when they greeted me, and thats how WiZeR stuck. :bleh:
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    yellow said:


    Yellow is a shortened version of 'Curious Yellow' taken from the book VURT by Jeff Noon

    Curious Yellow is one of the drug feathers from the book that you insert into your throat to get a high.

    Other feathers included Pinks (pr0n feathers) and blues and blacks.

    Read the book - its kewl.

    My location is also taken from the book, the place where you end up if you do too much VURT -> the dub side.

    Why did I choose it? cant really remember, seemed cool at the time and I used it as an arcade name (Mmmm... the good ol' arcade days....)


    PS -> my avatar shows Curious Yellow VURT feathers.
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    tbops said:



    tj bops

    simple realy...although once on an american board somone thought it ment mammaries/bresticles
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    macdaddy said:


    was macdady for a looong while till i lost reg on a board and someone nicked my nick so maccydad, used to get called the macdady during a spell i lived in the states and as mac is in my name it stuck
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    ruggie_uk said:


    I got a hairy back
    simple but true