PSX Worth ?

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    HuGo-X said:

    Default PSX Worth ?

    I'm banned
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    BFG said:
    I'd be happy if I got 80 for that...
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    BFG said:


    A m8 recently sold a 7502 on ebay with 2 dual shock controllers, light gun, steering wheel & pedal, arcade style joystick, action replay, memory card and 800 cd's for 200 if thats anything to go by...
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    HuGo-X said:


    hmm 80 pounds is like 200 Canadian for me , and i will definately take an offer like that!!
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    mladen said:


    I recently sold PSX w/gamehackerthingy
    50 copies
    10 originals
    two pads + gun

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    TalonXxX said:


    i just bought a psone (101), a dual shock controller, 2 brand new games and a mem card with all the wires for $60 canadian (thats like 35-40 american)