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    Mulholland Dr

    A serious Head ****!!

    Lynch is back on form with this wonderfully weird tale of love, murder and suspense. As with all Lynch films there are some seriously weird moments as with Twin Peaks dream sequences these are more often than not used to tell the characters state of mind and not to be taken literally. However this can lead to complete confusion and many people just do not understand his work.

    After the recent run of poor films from Lynch he has certainly returned back to form and the film is very similar to Blue Velvet. While never really quite up to that quality it at least shows some very interesting characters and some genuine moments of suspense. While never being edge of your seat stuff its always compelling. Theres also some great pairs of tits in the film which is always a nice bonus in my book

    The real head **** in the film comes in the last 30 minutes or so when the story comes together, (or doesn't as the case may be).... I watched the film last night and then for about 2 hours discussed the movie with friends... and there are parts of it I still do not understand!! It really is that weird... Whether this is a good thing or just pisses you off is down to yourself but I can't think of the last time I discussed a film for that amount of time after watching. Its also left me with a genuine interest to actually fins out what the **** was going on and then rewatch the movie to see if it really does make sense

    If you like any Lynch stuff watch the movie, and when your done tell me what the **** was that all about ????!

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    I never liked Lynch movies
    but this one intrigued me and kept me enthralled all the way to the sublime end.
    If you can call it an end.
    I remember laying in bed the night after watching it laying the pieces together in my head - very good considering that sort of thing normally pisses me off liek you say bobby...
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    this was a top drawer film.

    when I first watched it I though how cool would it be if these two birds get off with each other - and what do you know they did! david lynch is a dirty bastard really!

    this was supposed to be a tv series that he was doing - think some of the footage from that was used for this movie??

    one thing that is certain though is that you'll have to come up with your own understanding of this film - not many people can make them like mr lynch!

    i've watched this a few times since i got the dvd and each time you see something different. i know the first time i watched the dvd i spotted loads of things i'd missed when i initially saw the screener.

    now if they'd only let him finish the story for twin peaks that would be sorted. when's season 2 due anyway??
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    I loved it, kept me occupied for hours after the movie and that lesbian scene has played host to 3 hand shandys at the last count.

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    saw this for the first time the other night, awsome lynch, just everything about it oozes class, but yeah, what the hell was going on, i think i kinda have some ideas but need to see it again a few more times yet ...

    You know, there was a man that lived here once that had a prize-fighting kangaroo. Well, you just wouldn't believe what that kangaroo did to this courtyard!
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    ****Spoiler**** Wouldn't normally post this but for people who have seen it and want to know some more info read below.

    I have since been told that the 2 women played by 2 different actresses are in fact the same character and that it actually portrays the womens state of mind at different points in the film. Freaky huh!
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    bobby there are many times characters (or manifistations of there personas) are played by different actors and vice versa, im still not much wiser but plan on seeing it again maybe this weekend, and i found a comentry track by some film buffs to go with it

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    maybe that will help abit
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    Default Re: [2001] Mulholland Dr.

    I had to resurrect this old thread (well I did a search of course and this was only review thread) for this movie.

    I finally got aorund to watching this film yesterday and I only just about think i'm getting over the experience I love twink peaks + esp. firewalk with me so I had a pretty good idea what to expect. Up until the box was opened I was actually thinking this is pretty tame for Lynch, how wrong I was!!

    I doubt many people (I certainly dont) will understand what on earth is going on in the later part of the movie which is why i've just popped it into my dvd player to watch again now

    A top-class movie, proper brain-food and some great wabs )