X Box, PSII, or Gamecube?

Thread: X Box, PSII, or Gamecube?

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    rooonga said:

    X Box, PSII, or Gamecube?

    Hi there, I've had a flood in my home, and the nice man in from the insurance company is giving us about 400 quid more than we need to replace the stuff damaged!

    However its in vouchers, which are redeemable at Dixons. We have decided to get a console, so I need to know what to get.

    I have played the x-box in Tesco's, found it pretty good, but it didnt blow my sox off! And everyone I know has a PSII, so I've played loads of 'em.

    The gamecube is a bit of an un-known entity, so I need your help!

    I need to consider all kinds of things, like I know that PSII games can be d/l from many places, but can I d/l games (or roms) for the X-box, or Gamecube?

    Any help that you have will help me greatly, I'm hoping to get the console early next week, so get your opinions here!

    Thanks for all your input, I look forward to seeing what you all think.

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    JLRJamieLee2k said:


    I can't really give you much advice on this as I have never played on GC(Cus it's not out yet) and the PS2, Thats right never played on PS2.

    I have an X-Box and 3 games myself and have from Day 1, Soon as I got it out of the box and pluged it all in I got HALO on and I was amazed by the graphics and Gameplay of what this machine can handle.

    Later in the month I got Project Gothem Racing and Man this game is so addictive, I have played this game for 11 hours solid and it's like no other.

    This is really hard to explain what the difference is between the PS2 and X-box as I have only ever played on X-Box, but I had my mate around and he has a PS2 with over 100 games (chipped of course) and he played on my X-Box and he said that the graphics and gameplay was supperb but with the price as it is now £299 (till 26th April) he was going to wait till it drops.

    I would say ince it can be chipped more ppl will be getting it.

    Pros - Graphics, Sound, Options, Speed
    Cons - Joypad to big, X-Box heavier than 30 Bricks
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    no_rulzs said:


    Well m8 i had a PS2 with a ******* chip in it, until i sold it to get my xbox, and do i have any regrets absolutely NOT. Now that it has dropped in price it SHOULD p*ss on the PS2 and gamecube from a mile away, just wait until the online games come out. Where as your gona have to spend another £150 on a HD and modem for the the PS2, the Xbox already comes with both as standard.
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    ABCMan said:


    well, for £400 you could get gamecube and xbox, then just buy a gamecube game, cos once youve played gamecube you wont be that bothered by the hype that is xbox.

    Seriously they are both good machines (xbox & gamecube) but of course it depends on how many of your m8s have a ch1p in their ps2 as if money is tight the advantages of being able to give a game a very thorough test before deciding wether to buy is an obvious advantage, beyond that read the threads in here and the gamecube sections and make up your own mind. i would say that i'm frankly amazed that some people still believe that xbox is better than gamecube, it isnt they are just about equal, the xbox has some advantages, the gamecube has others.

    Another thing to consider is the type of games you like, if you have owned a console before then you will know of the undoubted quality of most of the japanese software houses. if you liked their type of games then go for gamecube or ps2, if however you prefer american style licenced games and pc ports then go for xbox.

    EDIT : I find it interesting that you have chosen to post this only in the xbox section, making me ask the question why ask at all, its obvious that you will get a pro xbox response in here, post the same poll in the gc section and you will get a different reply, same again in the ps2 section.

    EDIT 2 : If you are serious about considering your options ask you ps2 owning m8s about ps2 and try reading this thread [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] if you seriously want to know a little more about the xbox and gamecube.

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    rooonga said:


    You are right, I did deliberately put it here, but not for a positive result, ppl here also post the negative too.

    I would have posted the same message, but some ppl dont take kindly to having duplicate threads in different sections.

    Perhaps you can copy this thread onto the playstaion, and Gamecube sections?

    I recon I'll end up with a psII and a game cube, but I still wanna hear what everyone recons..

    Many thanks Abc man, and everyone else who has/ will respond

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    gav_b_uk said:


    Well, I voted for the XBOX....the only reason being is that since the day I brought the XBOX, it hasnt been off when Ive had spare time....and I brought it on release day in UK.

    Ive also got a PS2...brought that late last year....didnt put it down for about 2 weeks, then didnt touch it again until xmas. Then played a bit again shortly before getting the XBOX, but soon forgot about it once I had the XBOX....now it sits in the corner gathering dust, even though I have more games, and more of a variety of games for it.

    In my personal opinion PS2 is good (you wouldnt be on a loser), but XBOX is better, and now with the price slash....that makes it even better.
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    gamebuster said:


    Had all 3....thinks my XBOX wins though......
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    xbox_gamer said:


    hy there

    i have a ps2 and a xbox and i must say that the xbox is much better than ps2. the graphics are fantastic and it load games much faster than the ps2. the harddisk is one of the best things of the xbox, cause you can save games much faster and save music cd's to harddisk.
    play halo and you now what to buy!!!
    don't buy a ps2. there is no reason to buy it.
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    ReD ÅLeRt said:


    slightly biased result considering it's in the xbox forum possibly
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    ABCMan said:


    Originally posted by ReD ÅLeRt
    slightly biased result considering it's in the xbox forum possibly
    my thoughts exactly.

    @ x box gamer, what can i say, 3 years worth of save games lost in one hard drive crash, just what is the lifespan of a hard drive?, think i'll stick with memory cards.

    @gamebuster, not in sales it doesnt and how long does a failing console continue to get good games, xbox needs a FULLY working chip and fast or its destined to go the way of the dreamcast.

    @ x box gamer (again), you say play halo and you will know what to buy, you are correct, play halo and know that you should continue to buy that type of game for your pc, or you could play halo long enough to get bored stupid of the never changing scenery later on in the game, or you could play it 4 player on one machine and wonder if someone has replaced you xbox insides with those of an old sinclair spectrum.
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    rooonga said:


    Hehe I've opened a can of worms here!

    Its good to see all the input, but I still gotta know about chipping and stuff & If the games are gonna cost me a fortune.

    This is where I recon the PSII might go ahead. I know its gonna be real hard to do anything with the Gamecube because of the reverse written disks. I aint sure about the x-box though.

    But any thoughts you might have would be gr8!!

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    Hippie on hill said:


    Well I'm looking to sell my PS2 (Keanu 2.2) and lots of games and turn the money round for a GC. Interested? pm me.
    The GC and XBOX are V.similar spec machines but the PS2 has had it's day IMHO. The XBox will be the first to get a chip as it reads full sized discs the right way round while the Q will be next eventually followed by the GC with a Dr type affair then when multilayered DVD copiers are affordable there'll be a chip for the GC.
    I see it like this - Tendo make the best games, Microhard (on) don't make anything new, just they're version of .... And being MS their games will prob turn up on the PC platform anyways.
    The GC may not have a HD inside or a network card like the XBox but they're available (not that I can find a use for a HD in a console with mem cards).
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    mr savlon said:


    Well if you just want a console with a copied game solution straight away then the obvious choice is PS2 otherwise you'll have to do a lot of waiting.

    If its not that important to you to have some kind of solution like this immediatly then i'd seriously look over the pro's and cons of each console rather than making a poll in the xbox forum alone.
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    ABCMan said:


    this article may interest you. ok, its old now, but it sounds all to familiar, this was the story of the ps2's launch, saying much the same as myself and many others are now saying about the xbox. they were wrong then, we could be wrong now.

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

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    rooonga said:


    I know that the poll is only here, but I have asked to have it placed in the other sections, but it cant/wont be done. I have posted links to this thread though in the other sections.

    Its good to see peoples thoughts, because there are loads of pro's and cons to all of the consoles.

    I have made 1 definate decision though!

    I am DEFINATELY gonna get myself a Gamecube, its just a question of what to get with it.........

    Come on guys/ gals persuade me which I should get.

    I dont recon it'll be too long before we see a neo mod for the x-box and then the gamecube.. (Wot you recon Raptor????)

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    ABCMan said:


    roonga try [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] i think that may answer at least part of your question. as for why get a ps2? well, lots of games, several a grade titles that far supass anything on xbox for playability. it realy depends, if you are impressed by pretty graphics then get xbox if you want some gameplay then add a ps2 to your shopping list (but allow up to £100 extra for a small addition to the ps2). or alternativly(?) buy xbox and halo then be happy (untill you get bored of halo) then wait and hope......

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    paultee said:


    ummmm dont have any of them yet. i was thinking about getting an x/box . last console was a play station which ended up in bits when some one had an attack of console rage and booted it a tad to hard lol ..:rolls:

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    rooonga said:


    Yeh I recon it will have to be a PSII, with the small "add-on" with this and the gamecube, I recon I'll be happy for years to come. (Or until they bring out yet another console!!)

    I have looked at the x-box in my local shops, and although it was pretty good, it didnt make me go wow! And it seems that all of the games are variants of what I can get on my p.c. anyway.

    Now can you see why i put this thread in this section? Not a single person has given me any good reasons to shell out for an x-box. I aint gonna get one on the strength of Halo, and we can save games on a memory card anyway! However I'm more determined to get the gamecube than ever now. I still MIGHT get the x-box, but its looking doubtfull.

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    ABCMan said:


    Originally posted by rooonga
    Now can you see why i put this thread in this section? Not a single person has given me any good reasons to shell out for an x-box.
    AHHHHH.... so there was method in your madness, funny cos someone else posted a question on why they should get a gc in the gc section and they got an answer or two

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    mince-n-taties said:


    my two p worth,

    PSII no better than my DC <--and the games had been cracked when i bought it. PSII gave to our kid...

    xbox - had since launch happy with it better than DC and PSII for sure, just wish it wasnt so feckin big and the dvd thing is a let down why expect you to buy a sh!t remote and dongle... (oh and of course wish i was cracked...heheheheee, go rap go)


    played with game cube today, using projector at work. i was well impressed used two games, star wars & some water racing game. so i reckon its going to get added to my collection...
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