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    Mr E Nigma said:

    Default The best Program ever...

    I got given the AA's new DVD rom they give to the mechanics that details many many things to force entry into your car should you lose your keys.
    The DVD lists every car you can think of Merc, BMW, Lexus ect.

    There is no knowledge that is not power

    PM me for details
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    fais said:


    you on the hub mate? any chance of downloading the image file off you?
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    fireman2203 said:


    please please matey can i get a copy of that disc off you. it be soo usefull to me

    Thanks in advance

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    Dellboy said:


    Hi Mr E Nigma,

    I have sent a PM mate look forward to your reply


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    doughboy said:


    Nice one m8...

    I take it your gonna share with the other kids
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    Latman said:


    Sounds good m8! Even better if you share it with us.
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    Hybrid said:


    Looks like he'd rather just tell us about it so we think he's super, huh? Anyone got acopy from him yet? Or even a reply?
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    the_wizzard said:


    im gonna close this thread cos as you may have noticed i edited this post of mr enigmas when it was fist put up cos he makin out blatanly that this could help peeps steal cars enough said

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    Hybrid said:


    Yeah! Good call Booboo. I have to say it smacked of "I've got somethin YOU'VE not got" though, but either way, I see NO gain for the members of this forum.