I have heard 5ky has been cracked ?

Thread: I have heard 5ky has been cracked ?

  1. Raptor's Avatar

    Raptor said:

    Default I have heard 5ky has been cracked ?

    anyone heard news on this ?
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    digeeboy said:


    Is that the sledgehammer and cream crack as in a previous post??:signs:
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    gunner said:


    I have not heard anything new, I have checked around a few places..

    Where did you hear this Rap?
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    krooks said:


    sure hope so, just got it installed today!
  5. Mr Olympia's Avatar

    Mr Olympia said:



    Me thinks the Salford boy has got pretty far with this...but for obvious reasons, hasn't gone public yet.

    Or am I barking up the wrong Hairy tree...
  6. Floob's Avatar

    Floob said:


    this information i take it from another forum i hope its right plz any one can test and comment


    FULL STORY off irdeto2 hacking:

    Well I Use the HU Programmer who is used for Cracking Videoguard 2.
    U ask what's the relation between Videoguard & Irdeto II /There's no relation at all But the Videoguard Programmer is a very Smart Programmer and by the explication you know how...

    First I've adjust Programmer for Irdeto .
    when you open the software of the Programmer (you can downloaded From the net but it not work on any programmer it's specified for HU Programmer)
    the software named "EXTREEM HU" when you run the program immediatly
    ask you for inserting smart card " INSERT SMART CARD" when you put the smart card automaticly the program begin to detect the ATR of the crad if there no error & -of course not- begin attemp time to read Eeproon then I save it on my local hard disk Drive. then i put the copy card same operation when finiched to read eeproom .i open the saved eeproom & put on card & Succefuly work.

    The copy card open the first 15 days Full bouquet ART+SHOWTIME after the 15 day the channel wish subscricted on the master card stay for 1 year or 6 months (day of charge the master card)

    The only Problem is : you must have an Original Irdeto II Smart card From showtime or Art or Nova ... EXPIRED OR NEW.
    now i try to Applie the program of the original card on a wafer card one time work on wafer card about 7 hours then close & did not work I say on Wafer card But on showtime & Art Expired Card no Problem at all.

    More Information soon

    these uniloopers are used and sold in north america were they have successfully hacked merdocks VIDEO*ARD2. with the new types of encryption today this seems to be the next phase, were you would need to use an expired original card or a bootloader which is like a card that fits in to the satbox card slot and the other end of the card is a serial cable that goes on to comm port of pc.

    for more info you need to see DSS UNDERGROUND, only problem is if you order a programmer with are of the highest quility build will it get through customs and excise ??????


    So theres some info
  7. j2mods's Avatar

    j2mods said:


    Why are there no circuits of Hu unloopers or glichers on the boards in the uk?. They can`t be that hard to build.
  8. -X-'s Avatar

    -X- said:


    re hu unloppers etc..i have a few urls here for schematics if any one wants them most are double sided pcb though
  9. Pyro Steve's Avatar

    Pyro Steve said:


    nothing has come my way...few new things popping up but I have yet to see a working hack...I live in hope
  10. djm2k1's Avatar

    djm2k1 said:


    ive heard stories of chipped boxes coming in from Ireland but i can't prove nor disprove that
  11. bharuchi's Avatar

    bharuchi said:


    I refuse to believe in these "bloke in the pub stories" until I actually see the proof. Until then I will not pay Rupee a single penny (pun not intended)
  12. squig's Avatar

    squig said:


    watching sky sports the other night the commentator was with frank mc avennie and they both commented on the pirtae sky cards openly avaible in gibralta - they guy told mcavennie that most english bars in spain - have got them but i have been in spain many many times and never seen one and as boxes coming from ireland - no way - trust me i would know living in belfast !
  13. DEC2K's Avatar

    DEC2K said:


    i think no way !!! not yet any way (but could b wrong)
  14. Bensons's Avatar

    Bensons said:


    I just got back from Portugal and every bar has $ky, but all using official cards.
  15. gr8trader's Avatar

    gr8trader said:


    I think the card in Spain etc for the bars are special cards from companys that have contracts with sky so the bars can get football etc on sat afternoon not illegal cards just not our sky digital cards
  16. kosmosuk's Avatar

    kosmosuk said:


    don't flame me for this......but i was speaking to a M8 of mine last night who works for a SLY STB manufacturer in R&D. He doesn't think it would be possible. I did ask him what sort of stuff he got from them and he told me all they get is preassemled bin packages to install in there stb's. they get no encryption bits or bobs. he said NDS are very cagey with the STB suppliers and only give them the minimum to work with. i think you'll need to find a disgruntaled nds employee somewhere. i hope this is sorted soon as i've now got to get sly after the it*d problems and i really begrudge giving my hard earned to murdock.


    Where theres a will...........
  17. Danger Mouse's Avatar

    Danger Mouse said:


    ive got 2 b honest i thought $ky cards were readily available n must also say that the bloke who got me my i*v digi card, (which he got from his son) has told me that they r available and im waitin 4 a call bout them.ne1 no ov this thing that gets ur £30 ov ppv stuff free every month????
    heard lots bout em but got told that once there finished £ky no if uve been usin em?
  18. macmilm's Avatar

    macmilm said:

    Default another one.

    Don't flame I am just passing on wot i've read.

    alledgedly a hack involving connecting your digibox to your PC and keeping it connected to watch for free.

    Some software on PC does something... emulates responses and wotnot.

    don't know much else....

    There is some info on [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] in the Hack Watch section.... again just a m8 of a m8 type thing.
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    EvilBoB said:


    Originally posted by Danger Mouse
    ive got 2 b honest i thought $ky cards were readily available n must also say that the bloke who got me my i*v digi card, (which he got from his son) has told me that they r available and im waitin 4 a call bout them.ne1 no ov this thing that gets ur £30 ov ppv stuff free every month????
    heard lots bout em but got told that once there finished £ky no if uve been usin em?
    The only PPV hack I know of is unplugging your SLY box from the telephone socket and letting the credit build up to a maximum amount. Then you need to plug the box back in to the phone socket and it will dial up and charge you anyway.
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    chippy said:


    macmilm................checked that already ............HOAX