What cars do you drive ?

Thread: What cars do you drive ?

  1. clayton's Avatar

    clayton said:
    I have a peugeot 306 gti 6 the best car ive ever had & is it quick !!!
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    EvilBoB said:


    1990 (H) Celica GT4 Turbo (ST185) Dump valve and HKS air filter. 17" TSW-EvoR alloys :-) Nice and quick, but up for sale.. Any offers?
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  3. BOWIE's Avatar

    BOWIE said:


    M REG Vauxhall astra 1.6.gls
    and i love it nowt done to it but i still love it
  4. joe_90's Avatar

    joe_90 said:


    Alfa Romeo Spider.. really nice car. not tooo fast, but holds the road and looks unique and is quite rare.. just need to get the 17" Alfa cup alloys from the V6 GTV on it now.
  5. Cybertaff's Avatar

    Cybertaff said:


    Have 2 toys at the Mo.
    1990 Toyota Celica 2wd Turbo (ST-120) jap import.
    Mazda 323 4x4 turbo Rallye just for the sheer fun of it.
    Oh, and another Celica Turbo coming in from Japan in about a month for the G/F - she keeps nicking mine!
  6. headcase's Avatar

    headcase said:


    i drive v6 vectra with loads of goodys on it 245bhp 1997
    the wife drive ax 15d got so i can aford to run me vectra
  7. DelTrotter's Avatar

    DelTrotter said:


    A Rusty but reliable F reg Ford Orion Ghia. it got knicked last year but my little baby was returned with just steering column problems . now fixed and ready for its MOT. and the libary if you are reading ive lost your Haynes Manual sorry.
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  8. tazzyd2000's Avatar

    tazzyd2000 said:

    Default my car

    i drive a jag 2.9 xj6 id allways wanted one so i thought fuc? it im having one best car ive ever drove
  9. ruggie_uk's Avatar

    ruggie_uk said:


    I drive a Vectra 2.5v6 - 170bhp - fast as **** but looks like any other normal vectra. Like Maltloaf and Tiggerbiker say - they dont expect you to be fast when your car looks like a standard family car.
    Also ride a Honda Hornet Motorbike - my first bike, so might feel the need to move up to a blade in spring
    Missus got an Astra 1.7 diesel.
  10. PimpMasterT's Avatar

    PimpMasterT said:

    What i drive

    I'm driving (actualy still rebuilding) a '69 Cadillac Eldorado 452

    just finished working on the valves with a 5 point grind job increased the horse power by 68

    next project is to change air system!

    Please make suggestions for this pimp mobile!
    (i was thinking gold spoked rims )
  11. milky2971's Avatar

    milky2971 said:

    Default Renault 21 turbo Quadra

    21Turbo quadra(4x4) with evo front bumper,side skirts,front and rear splitter 17"bk 238's full stainless scorpion delocked/badged 230 bhp running 18 psi everything polished under bonnet etc etc got bored typing this sorry
  12. brumbino's Avatar

    brumbino said:


    duuuhhh mini metro hle c reg of course
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  13. hotdog's Avatar

    hotdog said:
    I own an Audi 200 Turbo Quattro, Golf GTI 8v, Audi 90 2.5 litre 185 bhp.(engine by GTI engineering), VW Polo Coupe with VW-Sport body kit done by Dave Sutton Motorsport (looks like a Lancia Delta Intergrale), VW Golf GTI Cabriolet, Peugeot 306 (the wife's) and a Supercharged VW Polo G40 modified by Jabbasport 150 bhp from 1272 cc.! if you can stop the wheels from spinning it will outdrag just about anything from the lights.
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  14. jagr's Avatar

    jagr said:



    I drive a 1990 Mercedes 200E with 120,000 miles
    built like a tank, and the performance of one.

    And at weekends I drive a 1981 VW Golf Gti ragtop,
    more fun.
  15. steve98uk's Avatar

    steve98uk said:


    BMW Z3 and a diesel ford courior van,and also a very old 3.2 ford capri ghia,heads valved and ported,camed,etc and fitted with a 5 speed box,also done the suspension,old but LOADS of fun,for a old car it puts out 140bhp at rear wheels (rolling road tuned) small problem with stopping though!!!
  16. milky2971's Avatar

    milky2971 said:

    Default This one

    21 Turbo quadra found a small enough pic
  17. blobby2's Avatar

    blobby2 said:


    1998 vw passat 110 red i (my baby) pug 306 xnd (the wifes) and a classic 1978 porche 924 for restoration
    ps just got rid of a audi coupe 1986 2.3 just about the best fun car ive ever had
  18. paul_h's Avatar

    paul_h said:

    Default 126 bis-s

    fiat 126 bis-s super chip 600cc of sheer lawnmower power 0-60 two weeks side skirts (well it catches the grass)ond not to forget 4 gears (wow)
    no only joking got an old diesel but runs like a good one

    oh and i have a 1970 morris minor van that runs perfect if anybody wants to buy it good old classic. and rare to don't need renovating either
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  19. zeus1's Avatar

    zeus1 said:
    2000--Lexus IS200S
    Got 4 wheels to ground and a steering wheel.
    O Yeah, it also got something under the bonnet which makes a whirling noise when its moving.
    It gets me around.
  20. mervano's Avatar

    mervano said:


    hi guys n' gall's,

    just tryin' ta bump up my post tally or that freekin' 4me2 will give me some more grief!

    anyway, mine's a 2001 merc 220 cdi avantgarde (with them daft two in one headlights)

    btw, anyone know what i could do to improve the bottom end torque??

    at low rev's it wouldn't pull the cap off yer head!