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    webslinger2k said:

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    These Stickys are going to be used to list all the latest 'Phat' tunes that are on the particular scene....You are all to post your latest Mp3 desires, and if you can, where you acquired them from.

    hopefully this will liven the section up......

    so what Pop Music tunes you all fellin at the moment then??
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    RhinoBanga said:


    I'm going thru a bit of an 80's revival at the moment.

    I just downloaded Duran Duran - Decade ... some cracking tunes on there
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    Porthos said:


    1 reply (2 including mine) to the pop thread, that shows wat DF users think of pop music!
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    leonard said:

    im stil looking

    hi m8s, im stil trying to find a site to download some doo wop and 60s music, have not got a good one yet, but have had more then my share of pop ups. so if anyone knows of good free site to download id be most pleased. leonard.
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    i am also living an 80s revival Duran Duran Depeche mode New order Dead or Alive the cure the Smiths although this was classed techno pop at the time...

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    Shera said:

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    I'm really feeling the new Gorillaz album...does that count as pop?