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    Comments on my waffle-please

    The World in which we live is not dependent on human beings, but is all part of human consciousness, equated with Earth consciousness. The Earth it-self has mind, feelings, past memories, and future hopes just like human beings. The thing wrong about human beings is that they have lost their purpose in life, their reason for being born in the first place. We have forgotten because of material obstacles for wealth and because we have been miss-directed, mislead by the World Amalgamated Secret Societies who have controlled the masses through fear. To control minds through fear is like trying to catch a fish with a fishing hook. Once you get the fish to bit, you can do as you wish with the control factor. The fear is like the hook, once it has you, you can’t get away unless the hand of your captor releases you. To control people through fear is to imprison the mind of creativity and the soul becomes repressed, held back and hidden from view. Those and others, who have tried to free themselves, have been quietened or put to death. The perpetrators of this negativity is the Religious Hierarchy, which has many different levels, hidden not only from the human minds but also from human sight. To even ask or question the validity of this equation would at one time have brought death, after being tortured and humiliated in-front of crowds of people, and made to confess to heresy. Even today, there is still this risk factor hanging over us, only we aren’t aware of it. Imagine the energy created by lots of people, gathered together to watch and listen to the crying screams of the public tortures that were a living reality of by gone days. This was live entertainment, if not mass-hysteria. This was the way of letting those know, of who was really in charge and who wasn’t. It also became a reminder for those who wanted to question the validity of the power over the minds and souls of the populace. This was to be expected by the powers of the church at all cost, and “no-one” was the exception. Of course it was the military that did the dirty work for the church leaders. The military was created to protect the church from the masses, and to keep the peace between church leaders, kings and peoples of the state. The church has a lot to answer for really.

    When we look at the destruction and use of the earth’s resources, it makes one think as to how far man will go to accomplish his desires. All gold, metals, minerals, gases, oils, trees, air, water and natural elements have been used in negative ways.
    If your quite happy with life, then you needn’t read anymore, you could just curl yourselves up and forget anything ever happened. Or you can do something about it by being honest to yourself and excepting things aren’t right, or at least not of the norm. If of course you deny to yourself the truth about life and who is in control, and to what’s happening, then your consciousness may feel the need to live again so you may see the truth. We need to get out of Dharma!

    As a child, I realised the cruelty in this world. Unlucky for me, I was a victim, maybe for something I did wrong in my past life or lives. The truth that I have learned about life is that you can’t go on punishing people because of your pain. The pain becomes buried, and rises when one is vulnerable or upset over some small or large situation that over takes the moment. It doesn’t really matter what the situation maybe; one must look at the situation as an opportunity rather than a downfall. I know this to be true because I myself, at times when I am low in my suffering pain, in remberence of time gone by. To survive it I must use it as an opportunity and think that with reason and only with reason, does the pain fade away. In every walk of life, I see pain and suffering, and more to do with the spiritual side of things.

    Now don’t get me wrong on the concept of religion. We all need some kind of religion in some form or other. This spiritual side of religious life can be looked at in many ways, but at this moment we’ll deal with the personal side of things. We all need to be spiritual in our lives in some way or other. Living a life without being in control surly must be the biggest sin of all? Depending on how one view's “sin”, it must also depend on guilt, or is this one and the same? If one has no guilt, then how as one sinned? All the answers should be found from within you. Loving yourself and other’s in an unconditional way, also being kind to yourself and others is far more religious, than putting fear into them and forcing them to read the bible, while you take away their land and home!

    I’m still looking as to why the world is like it is today. I’ve tried to look with reason, but reason is not there. Maybe it’s hiding somewhere and if so, then our only hope is that reason will prevail in the end, but better late than never.

    In the levels of society I have looked into, there has always been some kind of corruption hiding in the mist of things. Some say we are only human and this should also be expected. The reason being is that we are weak to temptation. I for one should not be excluded from this manner, as temptation is always around us no matter where we are and what we are doing. We even do this to ourselves and most people don’t even realise this. To even want to live in this life as the way things are must also be a lie, because we are so lost and afraid that we wouldn’t know where to start if we wanted to change. How many of you out there are really honest with yourselves! Don’t you even question life as it is today? Don’t you wish you could change things if you only had the courage to do so?

    Being abused by my own parents doesn’t excuse me for the bad things I have done to people, out of my own pain and misunderstanding of pain and pleasure. The only reason I can come up with, about my abuse from my parents is that they were also abused in some form or other. It doesn’t give them the excuse to abuse me but they did in their own confusion of pain. This seems so obvious to me, this pain is living in most of the population around the world and the pain is getting stronger by the day.

    Most of the young people today have taken to drugs, some more lethal then others. They do this to escape reality of life, again in their own pain. People who live in unconscious pain do worse things to themselves as well as to others. They lose track of life and bring more suffering into the world. They even forget who they really are and begin to hate themselves, which again gets passed onto others in the same vicious circle where nothing ever changes, except different forms of pain mutating day after day. Young couples today bringing up children haven’t much love and respect for their offspring’s that their children grow up hating people and life in itself. Which must be a sin (guilt of being alive). They grow up never knowing the real beauty in life (the inner self), only living in the outer self (pain).

    From when I was a child, I always wished for a better world. Not just for myself but also for others. At the age of 40, I still wish the same wish and only hope that it comes true. I’m trying to learn to love myself so I can learn to forgive my parents and do well onto others, thereby being good to myself. I feel the need to break away from mine and my parent’s pain in order to live in reason and have reason to live with myself and also, not least my family. Looking past the pain is the only way to live life in peace with you and nature. Life is in the hand of the beholder, not in the hand of pain unless you want it to. We are all creatures of the earth, and she loves us, we pay her back by draining her from her own natural resources those she alone needs. When is it when we take a deep look at what is going on around us?

    When are we going to take heed that we have to change, before the change gets us? Surly you don’t want to die, knowing that you could have done something about it, but is it too late to change? Is the change already happening that we don’t have control of? Or if we did change would it make a difference anymore? How do you know that the powers that be haven’t already begun to make changes? Like creating a human being with genetics, taking out all the bad parts of the DNA. Well, they did it with a sheep didn’t they? What’s to stop them making humans instead of sheep? Maybe they are making both. I dread to think what the world is going to be like, by the end of the next 25 years (2025). I’m quite sure man will be changed in a drastic way if he doesn’t get a grip on life, and stop trying to play God. As to weather I believe in God, is a different discussion altogether. My beliefs, are mine only and not to be taken light-hearted. As to weather there is a God, is only for you the reader and the rest of the world to decide, in their own personal ways of experience will they know the answer to that question. Experience of something should be used with wisdom; through wisdom will you only find knowledge. In this day and age there is plenty of knowledge, with the way technology is I’m not too sure the knowledge is used with wisdom. There’s too much destruction going on around the world to even see the reality of wisdom, never mind feeling it. But this is what power is for you, people are easily lead when they live in pain, thereby being controlled by other’s for their own sake. I don’t even think it’s so strange anymore to know that the vicious bombs being made of today belong to the church hierarchy, the church leaders, for crying out loud. Why they feel they have the need for such destructive materials is beyond all comprehensible reason, unless of course they have a means to an end!

    These crazy biological warfare tools they have today, makes me wonder who gives these people the power to create such inhuman creations. At one time I used to think I was really sad if not sick, but I must admit I’d never want to do to the world what is now being done? Surely these people must know what they are doing? Don’t they care about life? What is it that these crazy people want from or out of life? I only hope that who ever they are, they may see sense and love will prevail; yet I doubt that very much to my great sadness. We will only have ourselves to blame for this tragic action, with nobody to point the finger at but ourselves for allowing it to happen in the first place. Only then it maybe too late! I often wonder why we are being lied to from the backs of (being those in power) their teeth. Those who read this, may very well know someone doing these things, who knows, I may be paranoid, I only hope I am for that matter.

    It’s amazing how power can change a person, over whelmed with energy, thoughts and false promises they can’t fulfil. Riding the tide of fantasy as to how they will help to change the world. Only to be disappointed themselves but also the people they serve or supposed to serve. I suppose you the reader may think I am cynical if not absolutely mad. This is not a flight of fantasy, but a flight of horror. Let me tell you this much reader, this does not have to be, and don’t live in fear of what is being written in these pages as these are possible probabilities and only the future will let you know this. Being honest and truthful with yourself is far better than living in pain and living a lie, wasting a life’s journey away for nothing.

    Wasting away a life’s journey is something I try not to do. I did this because I had no other way at the time of expressing my inner pain. By doing this I fought and lost to myself, again only myself to blame. I learned how people hurt others and couldn’t understand it themselves, seeing them sat there crying in disbelief of what they had done. I think the way society is ran is really to blame just as much to blame is in the offender who acts out in pain. I do understand the power the government has over the populace and it’s peoples. I also realise the greatest tool of all is fear. People will almost do anything in the face of fear.

    Getting onto the conversation of fear, fear is one big problem in this world. It makes people think in strange ways, do weird things, act in paranoid situations all to escape the fear, to get away from it and when in fear they get tunnel vision and believe the thought of fear! Thereby losing full control on any given situation weather life threatening or not. Fear should be abolished in the face of oppression. This should be done with wisdom not with pride. We all need to reach for our higher selves, it needs to be done all at once, or at least in a very short period of time from when it first kicks in. What’s the point in having a conscious if we aren’t going to use it? Believe me I’m far from being perfect, to this extent no one is perfect, we should at least try with one another, and being open hearted is a start. As the leader for the Buddhist World Healer Foundation for World Peace “Kunpen Lama Gangchen” once wrote to me saying “ All Human Wisdom is summed up in two words – Wait and Hope. Sadly enough I was in H.M.Prison in Preston, Lancashire when he wrote those words. They have stuck to me ever since, (thankyou indeed, for your inspiration). It does seem there has been a get together of famous T.V stars that have turned to Buddhism to help the suffering world. I have a great respect for Buddhism even though there's rumours of corruption or misrepresentation of which deity they should use. Deities or Gods are what some people have followed for thousands of years and to what end? It doesn’t take a genius to realise nothing has changed very much concerning religion, war, greed and death. And to what end does this achieve but pain, sadness, starvation and spiritual depravation.

    Life is just one of many journeys where the insights of life are available at any time for those who want to see. Making sure to live, and discover the purpose you were born to do. I myself believe there are more than one life time, depending on who you are and what you put into life, or lives of the passed. If you can believe there is more than one life to live, surely you need to see the concept of universal consciousness, human consciousness and consciousness of the earth? This concept needs to be balanced out, so that the three work together as one unit, not to be separated.

    Life can be seen through the eye of the beholder! Do you know what this means? Do you really care what is happening here on earth or are you just concerned about your self. Do you think you would be able to reprogram and undo what was drummed into you from the first beginnings of your life? Surly this would be a brave thing to do, you would have to decipher what you thought was the truth and what was not the truth. What would really be needed to be on the safe side of things, is a total reprogramming of your belief systems, leaving nothing unturned. Why is it we are given so much bullshit and be expected to believe it, which we do quiet open-heartedly? Our minds get given so many truths and untruths that we become so confused, we don’t know what the real story is all about.

    Have you ever heard of the mind-control theory “MKUltra”? MK stands for mind control; they used the German spelling of kontrolle (control). And why is this you may ask? Because the concept came from the Nazis (well the Nazis used it) but not invented by them. After the Second World War the secret societies emphasis changed from the control of territory to control of minds and finances. All this is a systematic plan to impose the will of negativity on the collective human mind and it has constantly gathered pace since the 1950’s. Josef Mengele, “the Angel of Death”, conducted mind control experiments on thousands of twins under the supervision of Heinrich Himmler at the Kaiser Wilhelm Medical Institute in Berlin. He was an expert in demonology and the Cabala and was at least a Grand Master in the Illuminati. When the allied forces were closing in on Germany in 1945 the British-United States Intelligence operation called “Project Paperclip” was launched to allow Mengele and the Elite Nazi leadership, scientists, doctors, and military personnel to escape. The official records in Germany detailing Mengele’s mind control research were taken by the Americans at the end of the war and millions of sheets of paper involved are still kept under lock and key in the Sultan Annex in Washington DC? Well they are supposed to be? From this influx of Nazi mind-doctors into the United States came the now notorious and unspeakable mind control programmes known as MKUltra.

    David Icke in his book “The Biggest Secret” mentions the “Trauma-based mind control”. Project Monarch is one of the many offshoots of MKUltra, a programme which, despite official denials, is not only continuing today under other names, it has massively expanded. As he puts it, the mind has a defence mechanism, which compartmentalises the memory of extreme trauma. This is why people cannot remember serious road accidents. Their mind creates an amnesiac barrier around the event so they don’t have to keep reliving such horrible memories. From ancient times this has been remembered and understood by these secret societies, that is amalgamated all around the world.

    I have personally experienced the amnesiac barrier by remembering my own abuse by my father after nearly 25 years. This mental experience I had remembered was like it had just happened the day before and was a great shock to me. After this experience I became an alcoholic for about 6 years trying to forget the horrible trauma. The pain was becoming unbearable to except, but I knew I would have to face it in some other way if I were going to triumph over this evil nightmare. I had to learn that forgiveness would triumph over revenge if I worked at it hard enough. I am now more able to face my horrors and learnt how to use reason. With reason as my guide, I researched into the history of child abusers, and realised its been around for thousands of years, and it is also in a controlled environment that rarely gets heard about. These environments are children’s homes, private schools, approved schools run by the local government bodies, churches, satanic cults, religious cults, freemasons, etc, etc, etc. Within these cults they use the power of mind control to manipulate “flock” to do everything they are told, given the command in such a way, that the “flock” may not even be able to remember what they have done. Satanic rituals are widely used to do this. Once the mind's unity has been shattered, these various compartment in the mind, each unaware of the others existence can be programmed for various tasks or experience. By using trigger words and hypnotic keys, sounds, or signals, these compartments can be pulled forward and pushed back like a mental filing cabinet. One self-contained compartment or fragment of mind becomes the person’s conscious level and it is then returned to the subconscious and another compartment accessed. This means that after the victim has performed a task they forget what they have done and who with. This condition has become known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The (DID) is more accurate because the compartments are not ‘personalities’ as such, they are fragments of mind which have disassociated, become detached from, the rest of the consciousness. It is like moving a radio dial across the stations, the compartments, tuning into one and then another. So now you can see how mind control can work.

    War, what is the purpose of war?
     Is it to rid the world of tyrants, to make the world a better place for us all to live in?
     Is it waged so we can have freedom of speech, to say anything we think to be true, even if it upset’s those ear’s who are hurt by what is being said?
     Does it mean to wage war, that everyone has to think in a controlled manner, act in a controlled manner, kill in a controlled manner, does it also give a legitimate conscientious licence to kill?
     When does war ever become controlled in such away that no body becomes hurt, maimed, raped or killed?
     What does the real definition of war really perceive to mean, other than offending your so-called enemy?
     Does a country get a 100% vote before that country gets to go to war, or does this not come into it?
     Is there, or will there ever be a peaceful solution to the war waging tack-ticks of those that are put in the full control of being able to wage the war in the first place?

    Some say that the New Age of thinking about war is to have a One World Government, then the power can be shared between those in power around the world. They would have a One World Army, and to what point this would be used is beyond me, considering we would all be living in peace with one another. This does not seem to make sense some how. Wouldn’t it be just great to live in peace where the talk of war became another children’s day or night-time story? The child’s mind being filled with hope for all living being’s, and to what or who’s cost?
    With war, there is a means to an end. There are people who get fat wallet’s out of this kind of business, and they aren’t doing it because they are kind hearted, they are doing it because there is a lot of money to be earned through waging war.
    Okay, lets imagine the wars are finished with. At what cost would this be to the people, and what other blaggard concept could or would be invented to blind the population? Would the way of earning money in a different concept leave the population with a full mind fully intact and a full understanding that there’s no physical war anymore? Adolf Hitler believed you could create people without them having their consciousness. Even to the fact of taking away a person’s consciousness.
    This would mean they wouldn’t be able to think for themselves. Some believe the secret governments or the governments in secret have been chipping people with microchips for quite some years now. I put to you, the reader, that this will be world wide by the year 2025 if those in power get his or her own way. They already have satellite today that can stop a car at their will, if of course the car has a computer on board. The last few years have already shown us how this can be affected by telling the population that all cars over the age of 20 yrs will be banned from all roads. This has yet not been implemented, but I’m quite sure it will. The satellites have already been used and are being used against their own people to spy on them. The power’s that be, say, if you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear. They even make you feel guilty if you won’t let them spy on you, whether your doing something illegal or not. Before long, there won’t be anything that won’t be known about anybody, and that will mean every word you speak in your own home, work, or taking a walk in the park. The power of the sky, of the Big Brother, or the Biggest Enemy is well alive and kicking, just make sure you not about when the boot starts to swing.

    Of course the world doesn’t have to be like this, but one must realise that this is only the negative aspect of life, and at the same time must not be forgotten or dwelled upon with too much emphasis otherwise we lose track on our path of life. Providing we don’t lose contact with what is really happening in life, which is different from what we are told, we are able to realise the greater aspects of other possibilities and probability’s that are around us all the time. We all need to be intuitive and look for the opportunities in life to change the way things are. The more people who open up to this intuition will meet like minded people, and the vibrational energy will grow and out grow the negative energy, so hoping to find a better balance with oneself and with nature. This has to be worked hard for and is no easy task to accomplish, but with an open heart we can accomplish anything if we desire it enough. We must hold the vision of what it is we want (not for our own selfish needs) because this would also become negative and then we would lose the cause and the dream for a better world would then demolish into thin air…

    Wars and violence don’t accomplish anything positive; this has the opposite affect (negative). Greed, pride, jealousy, blind desire for power, and a deluded mind is the tools for negativity to spread fear, pain, depravation and death, on the tables of war.
    Two wars do not make a right. Wars never solve anything, but do create more wars, more wars follow one after another like a chain reaction until there is no one left to fight, by then it may be to late to do anything.

    Fanaticism is a disease; it is used in all kinds of negative disruptions all around the world. With this in mind, wars become so dangerous that they don’t just destroy people, they destroy land, it pollutes the air we breathe and poisons the water we drink. Do we really care, can we really do anything that will make a difference, and can we make a change even if we wanted to? Do we have the power to make a change, and if so what would be done. Fanaticism would be used on both sides surely, which one of the sides is right or are, they both wrong? Surely the war its self is the enemy and not the two sides that fight?

    We are in the age of nuclear war, biological warfare that is so damaging; only a mad man would press the button. What is the real purpose of these chemical wars?
    Is it used to win wars, can it be used for population control? Why is this crazy notion of war seen as a rightful way to conquer? What about the ones, who feel they are the ones being repressed, does this give them the right to use chemical or biological substances to beat the aggressors?

    War has always in some way or the other been used to keep population control whether in their own countries or wars that are fought aboard.
    Can a medium be found between those armies that are at war, or would it seem that the solution wouldn’t be wanted in the first place. War has always been used to control people through fear.
    It doesn’t matter who’s winning or losing the war; there is some element of fear on both sides.
    Why is it that war has been one of the longest surviving past times for men for thousands and thousands of years? Why is it that some people in this world thrive on war mongering, they don’t seem to be happy unless they are killing someone?
    Surely religion has been the crazy concoction for war? It does seem at times that war is inbreed in our genes some way or the other.

    Did god really want us to go to war against each other, or is it in his nature to want people to fight for their lives, receiving pain and fear? Think of all the lands around the world that has had blood spilt for the sake of someone.
    When will these world wars stop for the sake of human life, the world as a living planet and for the human and earthly living spirit? Why can’t we see past the trees as to what is going on, surely we are not that blind to the sense of stupidity?
    Who are these rich families that get stinking rich on provoking, creating and worst of all, funding the war machine. Rumour has it, that the Rockerfellows and the Rothchilds are the ones who fund these wars. Now, I’m not sat here in judgement of these families, but only stating the echoing words that these families earn millions after millions of profit for funding these wars. It gets me how these sort of people can sleep at nights. Have they never been introduced to their conscience? Do they know what a conscience is, have they ever used their conscience. I wouldn’t want to sit here boring the life from you the reader on the physical aspects of war or the inter-dimensions of war. I only see the destruction that war creates. The emotions that ransack my whole mind and body when I see pictures or documentaries about the after effects from these wars pains me so much it becomes physically painful to watch. How in our hearts can we allow this to happen? The public at large gets to know very little about the truths of the games of war, and to what really happened, what the truth is and what the truth is not. I pray for the day when war will cease to exist all around the world, as to whether this comes true is my hope for the future. I personally believe this is impossible to achieve without the help from the people who create the wars in the first place.

    I watched a documentary about the devastation caused to the civilian population some where around Iraq from the chemical and biological effects. The deformities that this caused were totally inhuman to humanity. The crazy people who are put in charge of this insane action must have some kind of fear about the karma they are causing. It would be interesting to know if they have any guilt what so ever. What is it that makes these people tick to make them do such things to human beings? Its too crazy for me even to try to conceive how these things come about. It has become obvious to me that greed; power, pride and self-delusion play a large part in these wars. I’m surprised these people in power can live with themselves after knowing what they have caused to thousands if not millions of families. If and when will this stop?

    Plus: Has anyone ever heard of the Insights by James Redfield?
    If anyone is interested I'll give you a break-down of the insights from "Insight 1 to Insight 10"......
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    heh dude managed to get about 1/2 way through and thats enough for me to think about for now. You go over many diff points so its difficult to reply to them all, but here are my views:

    society today is on a downward spiral and this will cause more and more problems - and possibly the end - maybe a call for outside assistance?

    Can one man make a difference? We'd like to think so but in reality you cant, can a group of people make a difference? not really they will be called geeks/nerds and not listened too.

    One thing i do believe is something drastic will happen in my lifetime, maybe its a gut instinct everyone has and maybe nothing will happen..... i cant explain it but I really think something big will happened soon.
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    First hats off for writing what you think and believe in.
    Very deep soul searching there, deeper than most of us due to the comfort of our lives.

    Don't misunderstand me when I throw in a bit of humor here, because I greatly respect your effort on writing this, it's just my way of dealing with things.

    You've covered so many things here, I agree to many, some of your ideas have given me something to think about, and to then eventually draw my conclusions, which is really the point, is it not?

    "When is it when we take a deep look at what is going on around us?", well only when it's too late, that's for sure.

    If, (I don't believe) but if, we have had lives or will have another life here ahead of us, wouldn't it make sense that the people who in their past lives had it very difficult, would in their next life, payback the shittyness they had to suffer?

    About your family, and your relationship with your family, well everybody elses for that matter, if we have/had a difficult time, wouldn't it be up to me, you, us to make sure we are that generation who'll bring up our kids differently? not to escalate the issues we've experienced to the next generation. I can't of course say for sure, as I haven't been in such an unfortunate situation, but we should not give up, even if it sometimes feels like the best thing to do.

    I understand this is not always the case, but let's say atleast we should aim for this. If we take responsibility of that small unit (family) wouldn't that make a change?

    Also if ones life is not atleast a little bit difficult at some point, we can not emphatise with others nor have an understanding really what life is all about.

    I won't even go into religion, in many ways I feel the same about this as you gadgetman, but I think what Denis Leary said about the Catholic church, covers how I feel about all religions.

    "....I can't bring up my kids in church who's authority system is entirely based on the size of f*cking hats..."

    To see the Virgin Mary in a blueberry muffin is also a bit over the top, don't you think? U.F.O's are a lot easier to believe in, as they are only unidentified, not the same as from outer space. But you don't need to work in a forensics department, to be able to tell if there's a face on a blueberry muffin.

    If you have a chance, listen to a song called "Warmth" it's by Incubus, I think it suits the spirit of this thread, and the message I get from that song is a positive one

    Here, some of the lyrics.

    I'd like to close my eyes and go numb
    But there's a cold wind coming from
    The top of the highest high rise today
    Its not a breeze cuz it blows hard
    Yes and it wants me to discard the
    The humanity I know, watched the warmth blow away
    So don't let the world bring you down
    Not everyone here is that ****ed up and cold
    Remember why you came and while you're alive
    Experience the warmth before you grow old
    So do you think I should adhere
    To that pressing new frontier
    And leave in my wake, a trail of fear
    Should I hold my head up high
    And throw a wrench and spokes by
    I'm leaving the air behind me clear

    Again, well written gadgetman, covering good points we should all think about.

    Very good, and all the best to you
    “If I asked you to have sex with me, would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question?”

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    For all it's worth m8, that post just lifted you by leaps and bounds in my estimation. My hat goes off to anyone with the heart and mind to say what he thinks with no consideration of the abuse or slagging you might get from those that prefer to shun or joke about the things you speak of. I doubt I've ever respected the thoughts of anyone on here more. You have my utmost respect. The points you touch in your post are secondary to the fact you have the spine to post them. If I was wearing a hat I'd take it off to you.
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    i will read now!! (am bored at work!!)

    will reply once i have read it mate!

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    gadgetman said:


    couldn't agree with you more, nice one m8, thanx for your comments.

    Hi m8, thanx for your input, yes it took me a long time to put this together (hour's infact) Never heard of the lyrics, but I did enjoy them, even put a smile on my face as to where it was coming from (the lyrics) oh, and buy the way, there's nothing wrong with your humour, keep it up m8 thanx again m8

    hi m8, thanx for your support and kind words, I feel humbled and honoured cheer's m8.... I did wonder whether to submit the thread, but then again, I don't fear other people's comments or a good slagging off if it is needed I would like to think this is a serious part of df forums where we can bring out the nitty-gritty, so to speak thanx again m8

    Hope you won't be bored now? :-)

    Again I'd like to thank you all for your kind words, this will bring on more inspiration from deep down seated with my soul. I hope at some point in my life to write a book, and with the words you all so spoke of will only help to give me more confidence in what I write.
    If I do well out of the book (if I finish it!) :-) then df will have to be mentioned in every book I sell cheer's dudes.

    Respect to you all
  7. marcode's Avatar

    marcode said:


    well bugger me thats heavy going on the mind... ive been putting off reading the whole thing for a bit now cos i havent had the time but i just went thru the whole thing.. and its interesting reading.. heavy going but good...

    it reminds me a lot of the book "1984" er... by George Orwell wasnt it? which i believe created the concept of Big Brother personally it wasnt my kinda book and as a story i didnt enjoy it but it makes a lot of the observations that u have made ie big brother watching everything and fear to control minds etc... if u havent read it gadgetman i suggest u do..

    agreeing with those above i respect u for posting a small insight into ur thoughts, and it certainly was interesting reading.

  8. gadgetman's Avatar

    gadgetman said:


    Cheer's m8 glad you liked it
    I haven't read the book about George Orwell, but I did have video of George Orwell doing documenty on what you stated, it was mde in Dubi, and what a video it was m8
    I lent it to someone yrs ago and didn't get it back

    thanx again
  9. marcode's Avatar

    marcode said:


    have a gander at this: [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

  10. gadgetman's Avatar

    gadgetman said:



    Fcuk me, that was just like the film "2+2=5 if I'll be fcuked by a goat....I'm not a "mason":-)

    The masses (proles) Is the meaning for (Profane)
    Read about the protocols (again, secret societies)

    Honest I don't work for these fcukers, but who does?
    All things are written for a purpose, hmmmmmmmmmmm better watch what I say
  11. craig6928's Avatar

    craig6928 said:


    hi m8 i think you do a very good job of the sites and what u come
    up with there its lots going on right now that people would
    not think of that is happening for real
    our lives will change with in the next 2 to 3 years time
    when working in the usa u get to talk to people who should not
    really talk at all
    but keep up with the good work
  12. minty weasel's Avatar

    minty weasel said:


    i loved your waffle, i had it with a fried egg at a babecue on birkrigge ........... respect.............t
  13. whitesteel's Avatar

    whitesteel said:


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  14. Robbo's Avatar

    Robbo said:
    Well done gadgetman for such a well written post!

    Are you interested in the following :

    1. Ancient Eygypt
    2. Astro Archeolgy
    3. Knights Templars

    Obviously from your Avtar you are keen on things out of this world.

    You actually spewed your brain onto this post quite well.
    Well done.

    Keep your eyes open and read behind all the news out there.

  15. gadgetman's Avatar

    gadgetman said:



    1. Ancient Eygypt
    2. Astro Archeolgy
    3. Knights Templars

    yes m8, and much more.
    Thanx for your support.
  16. ABCMan's Avatar

    ABCMan said:


    Excellent, well written post.

    Cant realy add much to what hybrid and some others have said, there is an old saying that lifes a bitch and then you die, well it seems that our children are learning that at an earlier age.

    Well said.
  17. gadgetman's Avatar

    gadgetman said:



    Thanx for your support.
    See ya at the bash
  18. ABCMan's Avatar

    ABCMan said:


    Originally posted by gadgetman

    Thanx for your support.
    See ya at the bash

    oh yes, i'll be the short haired fat fcuk that cant stand on 3 legs let alone two
  19. gadgetman's Avatar

    gadgetman said:


    Quote (that cant stand on 3 legs let alone two) So I noticed m8 ;-)
    Thanx again for one hell of a good night ;-)
  20. ABCMan's Avatar

    ABCMan said:


    Glad you enjoyed it m8, i thought the aliens had got you, i turned round to talk to my kids and when i looked back you had dissapeared, i never saw you again after that. hope you found ome papers (or made good use of morphs paper )