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  1. Gunny's Avatar

    Gunny said:

    Default The Ice Cube MOD

    Anyone fancy attempting this one?

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  2. Porthos's Avatar

    Porthos said:

    Default Beauty

    I am considering making that. It is beautiful. I no a kind of workshop place where the guys are really good. If I just get a phat plexiglass slate and bring it along I can c how far I get. If I mess it up then it will b a pity but I wud probs do it bit by bit so I can take my time and afford it.

    In reality its probs out of my league, since I'm not a modder, but it is sweet! If ne1 has done this or nething like it post!
  3. PimpMasterT's Avatar

    PimpMasterT said:


    this is gonna be challenging!

    I'm up for it, I'm sure I can sell it for over $500
  4. Porthos's Avatar

    Porthos said:


    PimpMasta, u making it? If u do tell me how it gets on please.
  5. Gavin M's Avatar

    Gavin M said:


    i'd like to make it into a stand for me dvd player/digital box/ps2 ect...