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    Hi all...

    Just hopin that someone could help with a little prob I`m having.

    I own my domain name - Have mail forwarding but thats it
    I need to know how to get my domain to point to


    Only other thing is i have a dinamic IP so that complicates things.
    Also i don`t really wanting to be spending money as im short on that at the min -new house little baby etc etc etc

    Does anyone have any ideas -
    All replys would be most appreciated

    Best wishes


    Many thanks in advance
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    maxking said:


    i know this is a old post, but just to answer the post, you can in the meta tab put in a line like:

    < m e t a http-equiv="refresh" content="1;URL=" >

    i had to space the word meta as it is redirecting you when you read this, and i dont want that here.
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    Psychoschiz said:


    Cheers for that ..
    It worked