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    Big News in Compression Technology

    A professor from Keele University has started a company with big backing from venture capital called Keele High Density to create a new type of memory storage. The new type of storage is awsome but is still being tested and worked on.

    But part of this is a totaly new compression system will
    be software based, basically think of a Zipper type program but
    mutch faster compression and decompression.

    But wait for it, think of average 8 times capacity increase on your
    hard drive, cd's, flash memory etc.

    The current news shows that if you packed all the data (no matter what type). On a full 650 meg CD you get approx
    5.2 gig. This means we may be able to ge a full DVD movie
    mpeg2 file on a CD-R!!!

    Also imagine what this will do for newsgroups and the net
    download 8 times more stuff in the same amount of time if everyone starts compressing with the new RLL compression
    from Keele High Density.

    Now fit 8 times more MP3's onto your CD's, Hard Disk, Memory Cards!

    Lets forget Zip eh!

    The software should be available sometime this year!

    More info here:

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    Will make d/l stuff much quicker! Thanks for the link and news.
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    Damn, he nicked my idea! Thats pretty amazing news, and they rekon it could be availible in the next few months.
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    The KHD compression system sounds nice... but maybe too good to be true?
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    seems logical and possible to me, they seem to have already put a 250k package into a 40k one, not quite 8 times compression but close enough.

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    F**k me thats top news - well found!

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    Hmmm, i'll believe it when i see it.....if it can compress TRULY random data up to 8 times then they'll have done what everyone thinks is impossible....

    And.....if they CAN do it, what's to stop them from recompressing the file produced to gain another 8x compression.....?

    Methinks this will just be a faster version of most already available compression algorithms....