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    Default Now this just rocks ;)

    It was inevitable i suppose tht someone would make a pocket playstation and now its happened. if you have an hp jornada 56x or any other ppc 2002 spec machine you can now play psx games from iso's on your pda , ok so you are limited to the iso size by the size of your mem card but if you have a 1gb microdrive fitted you can run almost anything (legend of legia on the go )

    Get it here [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]

    By the way does anyone know how to fit a ibm microdrive into the jornada 568 as i have yet to force it into the slot (any advice on this would be very helpfull)


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    link not working m8 '404 Error - File Not Found'

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    i'll see if i can find it anywhere else

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