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    shawtek said:

    Default Just kicked off

    Just started work on me new site

    Gonna be plenty of shit on ther before long... just got a basic intro & home page atm.. but has nice music on!! (my own!)

    I will be banging all my latest tunes, mixes, guest mixes & stuff on there to keep everyone happy!

    Register for email updates on my progress!

    will also be getting intensive on the asp/database side when i can be arsed


    tell me what you think ppl!


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  2. Mav's Avatar

    Mav said:


    takes ages to load even on 8mb connect

    seen better seen worse
  3. shawtek's Avatar

    shawtek said:


    preloads arnt working mate

    thanks for reply!
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    andythetwig said:


    It's a music site? I didn't realise until I read the text... anything you can add to indicate what it is?

    The layout's ok, although I dislike black.
  5. {film_man}'s Avatar

    {film_man} said:


    its to dark you cant make out the text on the back groud
  6. shawtek's Avatar

    shawtek said:



    turn yer brighyness up then mate!

    lol... really tho .. .thanks for the comment!
  7. BFG's Avatar

    BFG said:


    same comment about the text colour...

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    CzarJunkie said:


    Flash intro is a mess and like the others i had trouble reading the text, lighten it up a bit.

    Seriously thou about the flash, unless you are a master at it i wouldn't bother, the number of shite flash intro's out there is amazing and they make a site look so poor. Producing decent flash elements is an art, thats why i don't use it because I haven't mastered it.