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    bean_2k1 said:

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    this guys who wears the mask on the advert on raw who is he and is he good ???
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    5bellies said:


    Rey Misterio Jnr, a Mexican cruiserweight who is a psychotic high flyer. Multiple WCW Cruiserweight champ, and his battles with Psicosis (another Mexican) through WCW, ECW etc. are classics.
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    Cracker said:


    Used to be amazing but had a knee injury if i remember correctly which has slowed him down a little.

    The guy still rocks though
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    BONE said:


    Yeah Rey Misterio is the best cruiserwieght in my opinion, some of the moves he does is brilliant, especially when he swings around the ropes... The cruiserwieght division is getting better & better, lets just hope the WWE use him well...
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    Tattooed Freak said:


    Was a quality performer in WCW, should make a good cruiserweight division even stronger
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    connor said:


    'rey rey' has the ultimate high flying capabilities, and look out for the 609 thats a cool move lol