Hi and Welcome to the Gym :)

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    guns said:

    Default Hi and Welcome to the Gym :)

    We have opened this section for those of you who may be interested in going to the Gym and may need tips or advice on which exercises are best for which parts of the body.

    Its also for those of you who may have the experience and want to share some of your ideas and training exercises, if it works then we want to know about it.

    I am not claiming to be an expert as there may well be people on here who have more experience than me but I have been going to the gym for about 7 years now and have tried different methods and training techniques so I do feel that I have built quite a bit of knowledge of what to do.
    I am also currently personally training 4/5 guys at the gym at this moment in time, thanks to the help of a new training method passed onto me by a good friend by the name of Dean.

    I had better give a shout out to Morph because if it wasn't for him then I would have never had started going, which would mean I wouldn't have looked as good as I do now, cheers mate

    So lets get physical and enjoy.
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    Default Re: Hi and Welcome to the Gym :)

    Before starting a new topic in here, do please have a look through previous Guns Gym threads as there is masses of information already here.

    But that said training techniques and exercise theories can change so feel free to share your thoughts and experiences, or ask whatever you need to know.