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    Has anyone heard anymore about this chip and does anyone have a date for its release? Just looking to know before I get an enigmah installed

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    Keep checking
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    They have the lastest news about this and loads of other projects.
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    Lik-sang is shipping them now. Mine is on the way.
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    adders99 said:

    OpenXBox arrived

    Hi mate, I ordered mine from Lik Sang and it arrived in 6 days. The package is great, all you need to fit it.....just got to find someone with a steady soldering hand now....

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    Mine arrived today!!!

    gonna have a few pints and then hammer it on in there!


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    let me know how you get on...mines installed, flashed the BIOS with Evolution 2.3, and what ? Doesnt do anything different.....God...wish I wasnt such a newbie!
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    it wont do anything different until you try a game or some homebrew stuff m8, read your other thread