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    In the advert for Pre-crime one of the women says 'he was going to rape me' yet later in the film we are told the Pre-cogs can not predict rape

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    lol - yeah mate, thinking about it i remeber that bit.......in the advert for pre-crime........

    well done...
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    Macca_uk said:


    maybe she meant rape then KILL lol (not really funny but its just a film!!!)

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    maybe he was gonna kill her and then rape her?
    Sick fcuks in society!! LOL
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    ok i saw it again and now some proper mistakes.

    1: when the husband comes back into the house to find his wife cheating on him , the wife and lover are in the bathroom doorway and the lover says "the beds soft" the wife says "i'm soft" and shuts the mirrorred door, which then reflects the husbands sad face. then he walks over and slumps behind the side of the bed and the mirrorred door is now open!

    2: When tom cruise is being brought back in the auto riding car he kicks the side window out to escape, he gets out and then ends up hanging from the window and pulls himself up onto the side now standing on the window he had just kicked out!!

    all i noticed for now. let me know if im wrong!