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    biggy7 said:

    Default Road to Perdition

    i dont know know how on imdb it got 8.4/10 (3098 votes)

    watched this 2 nights ago and wasnt very intrugued by it, tom hanks like always acts well, but not sure if he suits this type of roll.

    anyway my rating would be 6/10

    anyone like to add their views?
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    urbsy said:


    I watched it and thought it was shit .I had to force myself to watch disk 2 , just in case it got better , but it didnt .
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    CzarJunkie said:


    I've got this on disk and was gonna watch it tonight, thanks guys, you've saved me a wasted 2 hours, can't stand Hanks most of the time anyways.
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    Originally posted by urbanmiffs
    I watched it and thought it was shit .I had to force myself to watch disk 2 , just in case it got better , but it didnt .
    dont know wether to laugh or cry, my disc 2 was fooked so i never bothered watching disc 1 not going to look too hard for another disc 2 now though.
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    SteveOwen said:


    Am I the only one who really enjoyed this film?

    I admit I wasnt sure up until the second disc and was ready to switch it off, but once it got going properly I really liked it.

    *Spoilers below*

    I thought the scene with Tom Hanks and Jude Law in the diner was really well done. I think they both played their characters perfectly. Although you could see the ending coming a mile off, I still think it worked pretty well.
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    Praetorius said:


    Liked the movie. Like Tom Hanks and Jude Law. But where did they get that kid?! He can't act worth shit. Never seen such an emotionless performance in my life. And you thought Jake Lloyd from Phantom Menace was bad... this kid was worse. Where's Haley Joel Osment when we need him?
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    BM said:


    I just watched this film and I quite enjoyed it although it wasnt as good as I had hoped. I am into the genre anyway and I like Hanks and Law

    I have to say I really dont like Haley Joel Osment for some reason and I dont think he would have been right for the part although he does look a lot like Hanks, IMO.

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    should have been called the road to turdition