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    gary_77 said:

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    hi just want to your opinions on the x - box im toying with the idea of getting one i have a game cube at the moment.. brilliant little machine..
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    {{909}} said:


    xbox is great fun for all the home dev stuff, emu etc, get one and preload the HD with every snes/megadrive/gbc/gb/gba/mastersystem/2600/lynx/pc engine/mame/neogeo pocket rom and your set for a few nights of entertainment
    theres a few "proper" games worth having too..but not many..plenty to come tho....but no mario sunshine..

    if u have 200 quid to spare i think its well spent on an xbox
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    burn said:


    surely this question has its own section of the forum...
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    ABCMan said:


    xbox is ok for all the homebrew stuff that lets you play old playable games, however native xbox software realy isnt worth buying at the moment, there may be good games in the future, but sadly there is nothing worth more than a quick play at the moment.
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    ultra238a said:


    Apart from Halo, JSRF, MotoGP, Oddworld, Morrowind, Ralli Sport Challenge and Fuzion Frenzy (I'm joking about Fuzion Frenzy) which probably puts it in line with the Gamecube for must have games.

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    DreCon said:


    I'll save Mario Sunshine for my Son
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    yankee said:


    Stay away from the X-Box - its fall is inevitable. Gamecube, although you can't mod it, still has in my opinion the most entertaining set of games out and coming out. Cube all the way !
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    hn120 said:


    although the xbox is lacking a bit in the games section it makes up for it in the homebrew development. I think it still has great potential and we are going to get more surprises in the near future.......... gamecube is ok but nintendo never really has a homebrew scene so the machines are never pushed to the limit
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    ABCMan said:


    Originally posted by hn120
    nintendo never really has a homebrew scene so the machines are never pushed to the limit
    or maybe nintendo just has games good enough that they dont need homebrew to try to sell the machine?

    oh and not wishing to be funny but since when did homebrew EVER push the limits on a console i'd barely call any of the homebrew stuff out so far pushing the limits of the xbox (except that by making sega and nintendo games playable its pushing xboxes playability limits ) if you mean the tech stuff most (with the exception of evo x) has stemmed from commercial products (chips, media players (microsoft etc) or stuff released by enigmah or xcecuter). If you want to see the limits pushed look to the commercial sector donkey kong country on snes?, grand theft auto 3 demo on gba? super mario brothers 3 on nes? they each pushed their respective consoles limits.
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    martiboy said:


    I love my GC,but I also love my Xbox.If you can afford get them both.But dont piss on a ps2 if its on fire.
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    fe_man2000 said:


    Never used a Gamecube so I cant directly compare but I have a good PC, PS2 and a Xbox - so I like to think I have some experience. Its not about which is better but more about what you like with the current "war" of consoles - PS2 in my opinion is out of it - if you dont have one already dont buy one now.

    Xbox has some excellent games if you like there genre.
    Halo is as good as they say - esp. if you multilink them, I dont think there is a FPS as good on anything else (could be wrong)
    DOA3 is a good fighter - limited as most of these games are though. Gotham Racing is not my thing but looks good, etc, etc.

    I dont like mario games much - never got on with Mario 64. So that tells you bit about my tastes, If you loved Mario64 and played it for hours then the Xbox is probally not your bag.

    Opps nearly forgot - I use my Xbox as a Divx player which is very handy (if you have broadband).

    Xbox live - might be good might be crap
    only 30 more than GC at the moment

    Its not perfect (what is ?) and I am not trying to trash the GC - I may get one of those also, but dont believe people who trash the Xbox - it gets a lot of bad press for weird non game releated reasons. Hears any of these.

    Its made by MS!! - so ?
    Its just a crap PC !!! - and that offends you why ?
    Its expensive !! - opps cant do this one anymore.
    Its heavy/large !! - I mean really what do you want ? it in your pocket.

    Play one, you may find you like it.

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    X-He said:


    I agree with Fe_man2000
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    ABCMan said:


    i dont

    halo isnt as good as they say it is, its pretty but its limited (maybe halo 2 will improve it) and it has so few level textures that you think you are just repeating the same level all the time, doa3 looks stunning but plays like crap and its way too easy.

    comments about the size of the xbos are perfectly fair, it is huge, whilst there are consoles for you to pit in your pocket, a home console should at least be easy to lug around to a m8's the xbox isn't. and surely comments about the size of its controllers are not knocking it, they are true, the controllers are way too big for most people (unless you have hands like shovels).

    Anyway its all been said before.

    its down to games, if you want pretty games then get an xbox, if you want playable games get a cube and if you dont care then get a ps2.
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    X-He said:


    you hoop halo 2 will improve ( It will)
    the controller is beter then the ps2 controller you can't play longer then 1 hour