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    Porthos said:

    Reasons for Dreamcast

    Maybe posting here aint the best place because most people in this section probs already hav a DC.

    Dreamcasts really are excellent value. You can get the console dirt cheap. The accesories r so cheap its like they r off a lorry.
    For example I was buying a jump pack second hand from Game Station 2day for 3.99 (!) and wen I was paying for it it turned out it was now 2.99!

    If you look in the right places you can get games for a quid (I shit you not).

    Its got a decent home brew scene becuz of its apparent ez codin ability ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ]) which means you can potentially be playing ur old classics like Doom!

    Games production (along with console manufacture) has now ceased but fortunately the games that were made are excellent and there is a huge range, sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, Tennis, Baseball and football [not really ne decent football game though :s]), puzzlars (Bust a Move), FPS (Quake III and Unreal Tournament, plus Outtrigger), Segas arcade games (Crazy Taxi 2, Sega Rally 2), epics (Shenmue) and others which makes it a great all-round console.

    The Dreamcast doesnt need a chip to play the backups (PS2 needs 1), it has four ports built in (PS2 needs a multitap), it comes with a modem and it is small.

    Don't get me wrong, I've got a PS2, its more powerful and it can have a hard drive etc.

    All I wanna say is the Dreamcast is a complete package, you know exactly what you are getting when you buy it, and it wont cost you much to buy it.

    PHEW, just needed 2 get that off my chest.
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    Infinity said:


    DC is good value for money to sum it all up. I got one about a month ago for 25 quid including a VMU.
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    Shiver said:


    Ikaruga's still coming out, that'll be the biggest thing in the world of 2D shoot 'em ups since, well, Radiant Silvergun....
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    Ghost of a Bullet said:


    Dreamcasts are exellent for multi player games, with a classic such as Virtua Tennis, it really is a good machine, I have a PS2 aswell, but the Dreamcast is next to it, and I sometimes play on it, because in my opinion, some of he games are more addictive than some PS2 titles.
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    ABCMan said:


    Originally posted by Shiver
    Ikaruga's still coming out, that'll be the biggest thing in the world of 2D shoot 'em ups since, well, Radiant Silvergun....
    only a week to wait now and it looks a corker
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    kjun said:


    Just had to get myself a new dreamcast, but for a fiver with cables and a pad, you can't go far wrong
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    Fett said:


    The amount of emulators available is unreal plus today the psx emu was released .

    [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]
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    Mystical_2K said:


    yeh the dreamcast is very underated, i play on my DC more than my PS2 and i have a few hundred games for each - Crazy Taxi on the PS2 is shit compared to the DC
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    Soundtrader said:


    Just got Seaman for the DC at last and it is proving to be a pretty adictive game - my DC gets actually gets used now and ive found myself starting to finish the end of Shenmue 2 again which is long overdue
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    diablos said:


    got to agree ive still got one for the kids lol when they can get on it virtua tennis 2k great game better than any game i have on the playstation 2.
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    mladen said:


    umm, you can now get Virtua Tennis (aka Sega Tennis) on PS2

    Although i'd have to say the graphics look shaper on the dreamcast
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    Billy_Wiz said:


    I use my dc as a vcd player - works a treat!
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    mummikub said:


    gotta agree the dc is a great little console just got myself another one and i can't help it but i gotta complete sonic adventure again
    and me and the missus love beating each other at virtua tennis
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    doughboy said:


    I still use mine more than any other machine...

    Current games include Ikaruga, Capcom/SNK2, Shen 2, and still Q3 online....