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    gunner said:

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    With the relaxation in the law, can we now bring 'personal' quantites of weed back from the Dam without shitting yourself when you come back through customs??
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    MajorFU said:


    for some time the laws have been very relaxed by our standards

    up to 4 grams = 40 fine

    up to 8 grams = 80 fine

    is what i have heard if you get caught and then they let you go on your way

    although i would not want to put it to the test
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    Tought You said:

    Default fine = 10 per gram

    ok up to 10 grams is an on the spot fine
    + forfit the stash

    over 10 grams its a smugling charge = Time
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    Roty said:


    I got caught with 8 grammes of skunk, no fine, just flushed my stuff and let me go.