New DF Blue Color Scheme

Thread: New DF Blue Color Scheme

  1. Raptor's Avatar

    Raptor said:

    Default New DF Blue Color Scheme

    We thought it was time for a change

    Please vote if you like it
  2. EvilBoB's Avatar

    EvilBoB said:


    Much nicer. Not so harsh on the eyes and it belnds in with my applications in the office!
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  3. Flip's Avatar

    Flip said:


    love it, well done, as said a couple of the gifs need sorting, but its really cool,

    makes the forum look more futurtristic

    EDIT: gifs, no problems, stars look very nice, wicked infact
  4. wizer's Avatar

    wizer said:


    Very Nice
  5. dingle_666's Avatar

    dingle_666 said:


    yeah and so are the new stars
  6. Boffin2001's Avatar

    Boffin2001 said:
    very nice
  7. ABCMan's Avatar

    ABCMan said:


    new scheme looks nice, wont be many get the joke on the masthead though .

    however the new scheme looks too much like many other boards, the old one was pretty unique but you know me, i'm an old stick in the mud so i've switched back to the old one.
  8. Danger Mouse's Avatar

    Danger Mouse said:


    its definatley easier on the eye, especially as i must spend bout 6 hours a day readin a large percentage ov the threads.

    in all honesty tho the thing that has me coming back its the fact that its a great site full ov usefull info and good debates so the colour doesnt bother me that much.

    keep up the gr8 work
  9. 2die4's Avatar

    2die4 said:


    two thumbs up from me ! The new colour scheme rocks ! especially now with the new stars as well !! nice one !
  10. vegas's Avatar

    vegas said:


    Yep new colours look great...the orange made it a little obvious that it was non-work related when reading in the office.
  11. Cam's Avatar

    Cam said:


    looks good nice stars as well

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  12. Sergeant-Major's Avatar

    Sergeant-Major said:



    YES !! YES !!

    at first i tought i got to the wrong bleeding forums... LMAO !!!!!

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  13. gunner's Avatar

    gunner said:


    Originally posted by ABCMan
    new scheme looks nice, wont be many get the joke on the masthead though .
    I did wonder!! Is it a secret?
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  14. eminem's Avatar

    eminem said:


    looks good, well done guys, the logo is very good.

  15. Robbie Vox's Avatar

    Robbie Vox said:


    Like the new look, not sue about the stars though :rolls:

  16. smokechips's Avatar

    smokechips said:


    Looks fine to me Raptor - a bit more restful on the eyes than the old yellow.
  17. marcode's Avatar

    marcode said:


    its nice... but im gonna stick to the yellow cos my screen is set to a low brightness level and when im on the other style i have to turn up the brightness to be able to see most of it.... plus some of the gifs look a bit messed up...
  18. Woops's Avatar

    Woops said:


    Yep , Very slick.
  19. Tom aka God's Avatar

    Tom aka God said:


    Nice Design My opinion is it looks better
  20. MajorFU's Avatar

    MajorFU said: