Setting up a web server at home...?

Thread: Setting up a web server at home...?

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    Default Setting up a web server at home...?

    can anyone shed some light on this for me.....

    I have broadband, a static IP and recently downloaded apache.
    Can I host my own websites by registering a domain and having it forward to my IP address.

    This may seem like a stupid question but does anyone do this at the moment.?


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    You should find all the answers to your questions at:

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    cheers Gunny, that site looks the dogs........
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    you cant host web servers at home on NTL dont knwo about BT and BY
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    With nearly all DSL providers you can host whatever you like. Some don't like you doing that though. I have used Zen Internet and had no problems, BT - no problems, Pipex - no problems and I have a mate who is on NTL cable and he has no problems (Apart from his IP changing regularly)

    If you do not have a static IP address you can still have your own proper host name.
    1.) Register a domain name (eg.
    2.) Use a Dynamic DNS clien ( have good ones)
    3.) Get someone with a DNS server to host your domain details and get them to create a PTR record for the www host to the dynamic DNS name of your choice (With a low TTL)

    I have used this in the past with BTOW and had no problems.
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