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    Default BBC 1(Scotland)

    Not a clue if this is allowed but i'll give it a go...

    For starters i live in England.

    BBC 2 (Wales, Scotland, NI etc) are available normally on s*y towards the end of the channels.

    I can pick up ITV Scotland - STV using add channels and putting in the frequency. However, when i put the frequency in for BBC 1 Scotland i just get a blue screen with the channel listing.

    Any got any ideas of how i can get BBC 1 Scotland? The live SPL matches start this weekend and i'm getting desperate.

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    yo there m8.ive tried to get bbc1 scotland for the fitba as well
    and i cant get it. would be grateful to anyone who can help us
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    yo m8,
    go to digital forums and check out a thread started by dangermouse that should help u it did me bye