moon landings prog chan5 11/8

Thread: moon landings prog chan5 11/8

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    baggy13 said:

    Default moon landings prog chan5 11/8

    anybody else catch this program it gives compelling evidence of the ways nasa faked the moon landings. how can anyone still believe in the landings after all the cock ups and mistakes nasa made when will the truth come out maybe when the japanese moon observer goes up in two years whats the betting something happens to the project and then we'll forget about the moon for another 30 years
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    Alpha said:


    the program was made in 2001,
    the japanese mission should therefore be next year if it is on schedule.
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    [OX] said:


    I will bet it will go wrong 100% not according to their plans. It will probably blow up or something.
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    jaguar982 said:

    Default gutted

    watched the program am now gutted i stayed up all night to watch that landing

    I'm not racist i hate everybody
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    was a cool show
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    dave.king said:

    Default need a recording

    Did any body record that program.
    Just caught the last 20 mins.
    Any body has it PM me.
    dave king