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    can anyone help?
    I have been trying to play RTCW online over the internet using a 56k modem. I can get all the lists of servers and if I select one it loads a screen while it seems to be conecting(or loading the gameI am not sure which) then stops with the progress bar about 3mm away from the end and it just hangs there. pressing escape takes me back to the multiplayer selection screen.

    I have been looking forward to trying this online and it is very frustrating to be stopped at the last moment each time.

    any suggestion gratefully accepted.
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    Default Hmmhhh

    I am playing over ADSL ... no problems....

    Try to sign in a quite empty server.... maybe the server got full before your connection ended.
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    i had this problem with 1 meg cable and also with my dsl connection and I am not alone with this error... was in e-mail exchange with one of the nice chaps who work for the activision company solving errors and bugs... and guess what, he didnt have a clue, lol... sent him my directx diagnose reports and did everything he told me to do and still got hung on the load map page...

    Try pressing ~ key.. this brings up the game console and type /reconnect that could do the trick...

    The error has nothin to do with what kinda connection you have.

    But i think that the new update to version 1.33 should take care of the error...

    If i remember right, pressin the console key brought the message Server Disconnected Without Reason or something similar, lol... this was a error that came with the updates to version 1.31 and 1.32 and what i've seen, its the anti cheat system called Punkbuster that caused it...

    Hope this helped you a little...

    "Been there b4..."
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    Thanks for all your help, game now plays and I am off to kill some more sausage eating squareheads.