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    I've been playing with my mates Mission Light Gun and I think it's absolute class. Thinking of getting one myself. Is there another gun that gives a better responce, not bothered about recoil.
    What about the guns with pedals, are they good?
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    theres a gun, ive seen in 'GAME' for 19.99 its quite a good gun, and is recommend for silent scope and games like that.

    go take alook, there should be other guns aswell
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    lik-sang do GunMan - full Gucon1/2/normal compatible etc

    no pedal but plety og buttons on gun to duck etc...
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    Did you know, if you connect a normal/Dual shock/psx/2 pad to the controller 2 port, you can put it on the floor and the buttons (including d pad) act as a pedal. so on games like time crisis you can use the gun and controller.

    just incase some ppl didnt know that, thought id post :
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    if it is just for playing PS2 games and not PSone games i would recomend the G-con 2.

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    G-Con2 looks nice ... got directional pad on the gun too heh
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    G-Con2 looks good, but isn't really that great a build. I was round at my m8s not too long ago playin time crisis2 (2 player), after about a couple of hours of gameplay the little round thing that the trigger sits on (inside the gun) broke, just like that, now the things buggered and I can't use it, my next gun will prob be the Mission light gun.