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  1. psxcity's Avatar

    psxcity said:

    Default open membership?

    is it about time we change the membership rules on the forum?
    having a vouch for system would weed out all the pratts out there!!!

    whats your view???
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    scoobypatch said:


    i totally agree as butthead is loggin in as a diffrent member all the time.

    plus u have noticed other banned users logging in.
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  3. Snak3's Avatar

    Snak3 said:


    yeah it should go back to what it was - recommend a user only for new sign-ups.
  4. 4me2's Avatar

    4me2 said:


    Why should we let a few dicks spoil it for the rest ?

    I do periodicaly close the registrations when we get too many idiots but Im sure you too have also been in the position of trying to reg somewhere only to find its closed .Its a pain.

    Also its easier for me to ban dicks like butthead than it is for him to fill out all the registration details again. They get tired of it sooner or later.
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  5. tef89's Avatar

    tef89 said:


    I have to say I agree with the open membership situation and then, as 4me2 said, close it for periods when needed.

    It does make a lot more work for admin that way but I would have to believe it's worth it when we get quality new members.
  6. Epiphany's Avatar

    Epiphany said:


    yeah, dont limit it or put restrictions on. They did that at another forum i was on. They set up a newbies section so you could only post in the 3 newbies forums until someone decided to let you out. As a result, no-one signed up and if they did they didn't stay long because all the good forums were blocked so the site all but died.
    Since then, they've tried loads of different things and have no just reverted back top an open membership. So just leave it open and save all the hassle
  7. Knight-templar's Avatar

    Knight-templar said:


    Maybe there are too many idiots about.. they always get sussed in the end.. that's what 4me2 does..and he does it well. don't think there's a problem here guys
  8. Cam's Avatar

    Cam said:


    leave teh membership open its good to get newbies in here instead of the same old ppl ( no offence to the old ppl like 4me2 here LOL) plus its fun to take the pi$$ outta the nobs like butthead and that master99 he gave up didnt he...but butthead
    wont give p

    the force is strong in this 1
    but shame its the dark side of the force

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    {film_man} said:

    Default Re: open membership?

    Originally posted by psxcity
    is it about time we change the membership rules on the forum?
    having a vouch for system would weed out all the pratts out there!!!

    whats your view???

    look at isonews we dont want that here do we ? :rolls:
  10. The-Doc's Avatar

    The-Doc said:


    do it as a refferal thing where you have to put in the name of a refferal to get access when registereing.
  11. WTD's Avatar

    WTD said:


    I think as long as admin and mods keep on banning twats, then this place is gonna keep on being the best!!
  12. BFG's Avatar

    BFG said:


    Leave it open, you get good n00bs in - if it was recommendations only I wuldn't have made it in myself as I didn't know anyone here.

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