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  1. wadgey's Avatar

    wadgey said:

    Default psion wavefinder

    is there still a valid code for the wavefinder?

  2. arrid's Avatar

    arrid said:


    I were going to ask the same thing, once I got paid at the end of the month

    Another 40/50 off one would be great
  3. obsidian's Avatar

    obsidian said:


    I've been waiting a couple of months for a code since the last one ran out. I was gutted
  4. miniboot's Avatar

    miniboot said:


    Heh wow, forgot i even had oen of these lying around upstairs until i saw this. I'll sell mine to someone for 45 (what i paid for it), plus whatever shipping they want/or they can come and pick it up from me. PM if interested.
    I've never used it, it's been boxed since the day it was delivered a few months back.
  5. arm_ageddon_2000's Avatar

    arm_ageddon_2000 said:


    is there any news yet on a new code for this as i would like to get my hands a couple of these.