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    Default Xbox hard disk password revealer

    Can be found on usenet.

    From the attached readme:

    agent_cooper presents:

    Title: X-Box Hard Disk Password Viewer v1.0

    Does: Gives the password for your X-Box hard disk!

    Doesn't: Unlock the disk.
    Allow you to lock another disk.
    (Hopefully these features will be in the next release of X-Box Linux*
    for those who have their X-Box hard disk passwords.)

    Use: 1) Boot X-Box Linux 0.1 on your X-Box
    2) Run an NFS server on your network.
    3) Create somewhere to mount the NFS path on the X-Box.
    e.g. mkdir /mnt/nfs
    3) Mount the location of hdkey_gen on your X-Box.
    e.g. mount /mnt/nfs
    4) Change to the mounted directory.
    e.g. cd /mnt/nfs
    5) Run hdkey_gen.
    e.g. ./hdkey_gen
    6) Make a note of password (or save to file to NFS)
    e.g. ./hdkey_gen > mypass.txt

    Code: Code is precompiled, so you don't have to. It is included so you can see
    the changes I have made. A script called maker is included to build the
    program. It relies on you having built and installed uClibc from
    The eeprom decryption key is included.
    Eeprom contents are read from /proc/xbox/eeprom.bin

    Credits: This code and logic is almost entirely the work of Lehner Franz** &
    Speedbump** (and possibly others too). It has only been altered
    slightly by me, to get it into the more useful state as distributed.

    * This release is not connected with the X-Box Linux project is any way.
    ** The original authors of the code have not been consulted about this release
    and have not consented to its distribution. They are in no way connected with
    this release.

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    I have seen this floating around. Sounds like a great tool.
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