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    I started out thinking that I was gonna hate this film cos It is only a 12 rating and I cant stand Richard Gere.

    BUT - I was well impressed - taking the above points into consideration I nthought it was actually a pretty good effort.

    It had some good bits which made me jump and were slightly scary and Richard Gere managed to not make me want to punch him all the way through.

    All in all a fair film, worth renting out.

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    biggy7 said:


    yep i second that mate,

    saw it last night after hearing it was good,

    i too dont like gere, but film was ok i guess, that cant be all true can it?

    6.5/10 from me
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    This movie builds up to something you think is going to be a disaster of global proportions... then just ends up being a local accident in a small town. I actually felt ripped off. Thumbs down.
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    fusion007 said:


    mmmm wacky film good in parts,more motheaten than mothman
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    Originally posted by biggy7

    i too dont like gere, but film was ok i guess, that cant be all true can it?

    After watching it I did a little surfing, and the actual bridge did collapse, locals reported seeing a moth-like man, but most of it is just artistic licence.

    Oh, and it all happened in about 1960.
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    6Hz said:


    I thought this film was great. Like the above poster, I don't really like Richard Gere, except in Breathless of course.

    The whole way through though, I was thinking I know the name of this place from somewhere. Then at the end, I remembered it was from a TV program a little while ago called something like 'Built to Collapse - Worst Engineering Failures', which freaked me right out.