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    Default Read.

    When using this forum please be aware that any transaction made in the Digital-Forums trading sections are at your own risk.

  2. Ask for references if you're not sure about the buyer/seller.

  3. Make sure you get some kind of contact address or telephone number

  4. Generally if the user has a higher post count they are deemed more reliable than somebody with 4 posts

  5. If something does go pear-shaped (This does happen) Try to contact the buyer/seller to work it out amicably.

  6. If Admin receive multiple complaints about one member we'll look into it and remove them from the board.

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    Also this forum is designed for members to make the occasional sale and not for traders to make a living by selling several things a week . If you wish to trade professionaly then pay Raptor for an advertising banner and support our community.

    People who join this community for the sole purpose of trading and dont wish to contribute in any other way are in the wrong place and should use ebay please.

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    Default No For Sale Posts By Newbies

    As the title says, newbies are not allowed to make for sale posts in here, only regular members can offer stuff for sale (newbies can buy, but sellers check them out as best you can).

    newbies are allowed to post wanted ads

    but please follow the forum rules, NO ILLEGAL STUFF


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