Uk fag prices ?

Thread: Uk fag prices ?

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    4me2 said:

    Default Uk fag prices ?

    How much do you pay for 20 bensons in the UK now ?
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    Cam said:


    bahahaha dont smoke then its only gonna kill ya

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    Roty said:
    bahahaha dont smoke then its only gonna kill ya
    It will bankrupt u first. LOL.
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    RudeYute said:


    And prices are going up again next month.
    Prefer Embassy myself, which are a penny more a pack usually.
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    BM said:


    I Always buy from the boats as it is only about 5 to go over and I live near the docks. Its about 85 for 800!!

    bahahaha dont smoke then its only gonna kill ya
    It says that on the packet doesnt it?

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    ABCMan said:


    Dunno about b+h but i bought 800 superkings on the way home and what was realy fcuked up was they were 23 a case (200) but if you paid in feckin monopoly money (euros) they were 19 a case, of course that wasnt advertised as such, but its another example of the brits being ripped off
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    Cam said:


    Originally posted by Roty

    It will bankrupt u first. LOL.
    not me i dont smoke well i do but only when im on fire and i also say ( if im not interuping n e 1 ) AHHH FU(KIN HELL IM ON FU(KIN FIRE HELP!!!
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    andyroo said:


    I just got 500g of rolling baccy from Amsterdam for 41 euro's (About 30)

    I usually pay 4.50 for 25g in the UK therefore saving around 60

    It is crminal the prices we have to pay - Daylight robbery is the term methinks
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    squeaky said:


    i pay 2 for 20 bensons ha ha just thought i'd share that with u
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    Snak3 said:


    i've been to turkey and n.cyprus - their economy is seriously screwed - 2,500,000 lira to the anyone?

    anyway 200 camels = 6
    200 L+M=4
    500g golden virginia= 5
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    andyroo said:


    Right - I am off to turkey - cya later people

    I thought they used pounds in cyprus???? Maybe not northern Cyprus eh
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    Tought You said:


    B&h 37-00 a 1000 airport cyprus
    500g Samson 7-00

    old man is going there to retire . leaves saturday

    i am off in oct for 2 weeks and will bring back enough bacy to last me 12 months
    and five thousand cigs will pay for the flight
    Dont drink and drive smoke grass and fly